Eating more plants is in no way a cult or a religion, but the overwhelming evidence suggests that moving towards this kind of lifestyle is the healthiest option for yourself and the environment. Reducing the amount of meat in your diet even by one day a week [all hail Meat-free Monday] can have a noticeable impact. Moreover reducing the amount of processed foods in general – at the top of this list being processed meats can only be a positive thing.

So get in those greens, eat the rainbow and nourish your body with plant-based whole foods. No need to put a label on your lifestyle, you just need to find a way to live a balanced, nourishing life that has the biggest positive impact on your body, and the smallest negative impact on the planet – So a win-win really.

We love to eat well and love it, even more, when it looks as good as these amazing dishes created by the very talented young ladies over at Plant Life SA. Now do these ladies know how to tempt the taste buds or what…  A personal favourite has to be their “Banging blueberry smoothie bowl”, now THIS is a breakfast to ride home about. If the colours alone don’t entice you, the fact that it is a low carb flavour sensation packed with all things that are good for you too. What a win!

If those colours aren’t enough for you then let @leximonzeglio founder of the Plant Life SA blog tease you with her out of this world Raw Vegan Cheesecake.

No doubt you will fall in love with all of their amazing plant-based recipes and if you’re not so keen on getting down and dirty in the kitchen then why not head over to @lexiseatery in Sandton and her brand new store in Modderfontein. You will not be disappointed.

@plantlifeblog@leximonzeglio | @Kaptaink22

Photo’s and content courtesy of Plant Life SA