When you start a zero-waste lifestyle or if you just want to reduce plastic waste, it can seem daunting at first.

Being prepared is half the battle. With so many options, the beginning can be confusing- what will really help you cut down on a daily basis?

To help you make the best decisions, we’ve put together a waste-free starter kit that can grow with you on your sustainable journey. Every person is different, but at The Refillery these are the things that we found the most useful with removing single-use plastic, one step at a time.

Beginners Waste Free Kit

When you first start becoming aware of the huge amount of plastic waste in the world today, it seems like every action is filled with the stuff! From the simple act of drinking water to going grocery shopping.

We think the easiest way to start is by making a habit of taking a reusable water bottle and a simple tote bag with where ever you go. Glass and stainless steel are great options as they keep liquids cooler for longer and they last almost indefinitely. When the bottle no longer serves you it’s disposal does less harm to the planet. String or cotton tote bags fold into nothing, they are multi-purpose and can be used over and over again. It’s a wonderful feeling turning down the plastic bag, that you’d only use for a trip home, and packing your shopping into something sustainable. The Refillery has two gorgeous water bottle options to keep you hydrated- the stainless steel bottle, 750ml (single walled) for R245.00 and the Glass Water bottle, 500ml, for R155. Grab a cute Living-Eco Living String Totes Bag in a choice of three colours (beige, pink and blue) for R105.00 or The Refillery’s very own cotton tote for R45.00

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Intermediate Waste Free Kit

You’ve started taking your water bottle and totes bag with you everywhere. Remembering to pack Your Waste Free Starter Kit every day takes time and maybe you’ve had some false starts but you’re still at it. And that’s what counts! The next step is eradicating takeaway coffee cups and straws. We’ve all seen horrendous videos of the damage that straws do to nature and wildlife, especially in the ocean. Stainless Steel Straws are great to add to your Waste Free Start Kit, The Refillery has straight and bent options and straw cleaners. For the month of May, you can get a stainless steel straw at R25.00 instead of the usual R150.00! If you want something that can fit into the pocket of your jeans, the Schulrples is a folding stainless steel straw that comes with its own carry case for R220.00! If you do forget your straw at home, just remember to let your server know that you do not want a straw.

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Did you know that the very thin polyethylene (plastic) lining on take away coffee cups, the lining that lets the humble cardboard cup hold liquid is not widely recycled? To put it into perspective, at the time that this post gets published there are only three specialist recycling plants in the UK that can recycle take away coffee cups. To date there are none in South Africa. They go into landfills, if they reach water ways they break down into micro-plastics and infiltrate the ecosystem and the bodies of fish, birds, reptiles and other small animals. What can we do? Get a reusable coffee cup , it’s a great on-the-way addition to your Waste Free Starter Kit. The Refillery has 5 colour options ( grey, navy, hot pink, bright blue, red) for their reusable coffee cups, 300ml for R155.00. It’s made of glass and comes with a BPA-free silicone, heat-proof sleeve and splash proof.

Advanced Waste Free Starter Kit

You’ve graduated up a level as a zero-waste earth warrior, so now it’s time to invest a little more. If you’re lucky enough to have a local grocer, fruit and vegetable market or even bakery that doesn’t pre-pack items in plastic then next step is produce bags. If being prepared and packing your Waste Free Kit cuts down on plastic when it comes to your pasta, your carrots or your loaf of bread, then high-five to you. The Refillery doesn’t just stock your pantry staples, but what your food should travel in too. Living Eco Reusable produce bags are lightweight and made from natural fibres. A set of three natural cotton bags is R180.00. Spaza have Bread and Dry Goods Bag perfect for grocery store trips. These cotton bags come in 4 sizes (250gm, 500gm, 1kg and 2kg) with cute motifs and colours, starting at R330. Both the Living Eco and Spaza produce bags are easily cleaned with a quick hand wash.

Say no to re-sealable plastic bags for food storage and packing snackers. Say hello to the Stasher! Stasher bags are an amazing feat of technology. These multipurpose re-sealable bags come in a variety sizes and are hypoallergenic, BPA and BPF free as well as oven and dishwasher safe. You can cook or freeze food in them, pack snacks or store non-food items (they are awesome for travel). Stasher bags are made out of silicone which gives it flexibility and makes it durable too. At its end life (or when you’re finished with the product) silicone can be incinerated to convert it back to harmless ingredients. Stasher bags are an investment but will save money with long term use. Stasher bags  come in 3 sizes; snack bag, 293,5ml for R149.00; sandwich, 450ml R189.00 and half gallon, 1,92l for R295.00.

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