Meet your local Grocers…

This is us, Sam and Dom Moleta.

  • Husband and wife team.
  • Mum and dad to two hell raising lighties equipped with enough attitude to run a country – Jackson and Stevie.
  • Big time dreamers of perfect beaches and clean oceans that we plan to swim in for the longest time.

In short… This is us!

We may be small in numbers  but we have B.I.G dreams for The Refillery and the future of grocery stores. We believe in a better future for our kids and that even one small change to a more Zero-Waste Lifestyle is able to make huge changes to the world as we know it. You don’t need to tie yourself to a tree or find a deep love of tie die to make a difference – look at us.

If you think one person [or two] can’t make a difference… then you’re very very mistaken. It took us 6 months; a change of country, sale of our house, moved our kids, our cats and our belongings across the world back home [SA is my home, Dom is the Kiwi in this mix-match].  We opened up our online store in 3 months, our Cedar Square branch in 4 months and a year later our second store.

COVID-19 won’t destroy us, it will only shed light on what is most important in our lives, personally and as a business. Our ethos, our message and the way we conduct business has not changed and will not change. We believe in sustainability even through crisis. We believe in supporting small business, in supporting local, in supporting people.

We are humbled daily by the response from our ‘regulars’ and their support.  The increase in new customers online finding us and loving what we do and what we stand for. We know when we come through this as a nation of strong willed, determined people, we will focus on what matters.

 Community – Sustainability

Thank you for the support, thank you for the love and thank you for believing that there is a better way of shopping……. A Planet Friendly Way.