Welcome to our brand new website and the virtual home of The Refillery!!!

Thanks to our ingenious team over at Big Brave, who have been working hard to get this beautiful new space set up for our online store, news and products.  From all our amazing eco suppliers, handy eco tips-and-tricks and much much more for you; all in time for the festive season.

Although our online store will only be open in the New Year along with the new home of The Refillery, we thought what a great opportunity to get everyone in touch with who we are, and what we are about.

So who are we?

We’re a family run business; who believe that even one small change can make a monumental impact on the world around us.  We like to think we’re extraordinarily normal and that if our small family can make a few changes that make a big impact then so can you. Yes even you!

So, what’s the big idea?

No big idea really.  The Refillery stems from a global phenomenon of package-less stores selling products ‘Old-school-style’ in jars and paper.

We love a glass jar and love buying plastic FREE even more!

We too have shopped the normal way and find it incredibly difficult if not impossible to buy anything without the plastic waste that comes with your routine shop. We believe that if being ‘Planet-Friendly’ was made easier it would catch on like wildfire: hence THE REFILLERY!

We are going to take out the waste from your grocery list, we will stock all your favourite products and even all your basic boring necessities in bulk for you to buy as much or as little as you need.

B.Y.O.J – Bring Your Own Jar, container or make use of our Planet Friendly paper bags to refill your pantry jars at home.  All resulting in less waste – less plastic – less negative impact on the earth – What a win!!!

We are excited to show you how to shop in this manner, hell we’re busting at the seams!!!  All we want you to know and to keep in mind is that it is … A CONCEPT WORTH TRYING!