Everybody LOVES Lexi… And here’s why.

Lexi is the incredibly talented owner and mastermind behind Lexi’s eatery that boasts 4 beautiful spaces [3 in Jozi and her latest in PTA] and they believe that you need to eat more plants! 

Her food, vibe and overall personality is inspiring, vibrant and just down right FABULOUS! Luckily we knew her pre-fame so we get to share a gin and some darts over Christmas time but just love seeing veganism, plant based and conscious eating thrive in South Africa plus to have woman owned, small business thrive is something worth sharing and supporting.

What is it about sustainable living that interests you the most?

I love the butterfly effect that one small change can make. It’s really empowering to know that you have the power to save a tree, a life, an ocean and effectively the planet with all the small actions we take individually and collectively. I know that I am imperfect, I don’t drive an electric car, I still shop at Woolies sometimes and I forget to recycle often – but doing what you can, when you can is the key. And to be quite honest, the beauty of sustainability also appeals to me – I love my wooden toothbrush, my handmade crochet face cloth or all the glass jars in my pantry. Fabric shopping bags, reusable water bottles or coffee cups – they actually add a lovely aesthetic to your life that makes it all the easier to make good choices.

What’s one thing you’ve done to reduce waste in your home?

I try keep the disposables to a minimum – I have reusable cotton pads, I don’t buy plastic toothbrushes, I limit the use of chemical-based toiletries and cleaning products. I won’t buy items from a large retailer that I know I can get packaging-free from a smaller store. I always, always have a shopper bag on me and I guess overall just try and not over-buy when it comes to perishables.

What is your favourite ingredient to cook with and why?

No man, how is anyone supposed to answer this with just one! It also changes every week! Haha. I add lemon & garlic to almost everything with a lot of salt – that is a constant in my cooking. But currently one of my favourite ingredients is grapefruit. I’ve been juicing it, adding it to salads, roasting it – I even made a grapefruit pasta sauce the other night and it was SO GOOD! It goes into anything I can imagine! 

In your own words – why is ‘eating more plants’ not only good for you but good for the planet too?

I don’t mean to preach to the choir here – but we all now how much water and energy is absorbed in animal agriculture.The animal agriculture industry (meat, dairy and eggs) contributes 15% of the global greenhouse gases. 70% of the agricultural land is currently being used for animal farming. Animal agriculture is the leading cause of deforestation, biodiversity loss and water pollution. Food packaging contributes to 60% of household waste. It takes 15415 litres of water to produce 1kg of beef. That’s 3000 toilet flushes to put meat on the table for a family dinner of 4 people. I can go on. The health aspect is also kind of a no-brainer. Regardless of whether you believe being vegan is the answer – there is a world-wide awakening to the fact that our meat industry is becoming poisonous in one way or the other – the antibiotics & hormones in the meat, the GMO feed, the inhumane living conditions and disease. Our genes only account for 10% – 20% of the risk for the leading causes of death. The rest is attributed to lifestyle. Diet, exercise, stress, sleep. Dairy products and meats contain a large amount of saturated fats. High animal consumption increases the risk of heart disease, strokes, diabetes, obesity, and cancer. I could go on and on about the health facts, but I’ll just leave it there. It definitely makes sense to reduce animal consumption and increase your intake of healthy, plant-based whole foods. Again – don’t let perfect get in the way of good enough. You don’t need a label, you don’t need to be black and white about it or make dramatic and incomprehensible life changes overnight. Simply: Eat More Plants. 

How have you managed to stay sane this Lock Down.
I haven’t.
Jokes. I painted a bit, drank a lot of wine and video called everyone I know. I did not, however, finish any of my books, learn zulu, hang all my picture frames or master the art of baking vegan cookies (or anything for that matter) as I set out to do when the announcement first took place! But what’re ya gonna do? Very, extremely, very, very, VERY grateful that I can work. Would much rather be working crazy hours 7 days a week like I am now, than be stuck at home alone with nothing but a fridge full of food 🐷🐷🐷

Lexi’s Eatery are open for sit down meals and take away. Go visit them soon:

Sandton | Modderfontein | Rosebank | Hazelwood.


You can even buy her frozen meals here