• Oh My Cake! was born out of the love of creating food art, a passion so strong that we, the creators, Camilla & Naseeha, left our careers in marketing and medical science five years ago to join forces and bake the world a better place together. Today, we are the proud Confectionist Perfectionist & Master of Disasters heading up our talented team, where everything we create looks like art & tastes like dessert. To us, food is fantasy. We’ve created cakes that defy gravity, cakes that need 10 men to carry them & macarons that have travelled as far as Taiwan! We’re a young, spritely bunch, & our business is continually adapting & growing, perfecting desserts that delight & inspire.

    All those years ago, we set out to build a business, but had no idea we’d end up building a community. We’ve watched our team grow from just two employees working in a tiny space behind a hair salon, sharing tools & a single workbench, to a team of 17, running a retail store at Cedar Square in Fourways & driving across Gauteng to deliver edible works of art ordered via our new online store. More treasured than the growth of our business has been the growth of our “OMC! fam” – our customers! We love it when our regulars pop in to enjoy a Death by Oreo cupcake & watch our cake artists work, to grab a quick Unicorn Latte for a cheeky lunch-time treat, or even just to say hi.
    We love dessert, we love people, & we love bringing them all together. Come over to our social media & join our family, & we promise to sweeten your day 🙂

Trust our girls at Oh My Cake to share an absolute treat of a recipe below 🙂


Oreo Cake Truffles
2 boxes of Oreo cookies
300g white cooking chocolate
1 tub of cream cheese
1 slab of chocolate (Your choice of colour and flavour), melted

Separate the Oreo cookies and scrape the white creamy middle into a bowl and keep it one side
Finely crush the Oreo cookies into a crumb like mixture
Mix the crushed cookies with the white creamy middle and cream cheese
Shape into small balls, small enough to fit into your fist.
Refrigerate for 4 hours
Once your Oreo truffles have set, roll them into your melted chocolate and add your sprinkles
Then, enjoy!