• Age Smart has been in the heart of Bryanston since 2011, and under the leadership of Ria Kirkham, has grown into a reputable, well established skin care centre. Our approach is to offer a service with integrity and honesty that will provide our clients with the best result. Our expert team is able to tailor-make treatments, prescribe specific product as well as accommodate the pocket strings of each individual that walks through our doors. We combine our knowledge with your priority. 

    Over time, the skin’s underlying structure breaks down, stripping us of our youthful plumpness, definition and resilience. Whether you are struggling with pimples, wrinkles, pigmentation, sagging skin or sun damage, we can help. After a full skin analysis, we join you on your journey that will transform your skin. We do facials, Laser skin rejuvenation, Pigmentation correcting, various chemical peels, Micro-needling and the awesome VAMPIRE FACIAL (PRP-platlet rich plasma). 

    We also do nails, mani’s , pedi’s, waxing, threading and laser hair removal.