New Year, Same you … Still FABULOUS. Every year a reset is so important for your mind, body and overall happiness. I think giving yourself new goals, reminders even of what you want throughout the year is crucial to keep you on track and at your best. I even pop things like “Host a dinner party” on my list as its things I can achieve easily and not always ‘goals’ per se but things I want to do this year and like most of us I guess I just LOVE ticking things off my lists.

So what’s on your list to achieve, to tackle, to maintain this year?

With the pandemic hitting us all personally, health wise, socially, financially – ok pretty much on EVERY level, I like to think we are all realising that your health is you most important wealth. Im not saying become a clean eating, ‘body-is-my-temple’ human, but find balance between eating what your body needs and what you love and get moving. Walk more, take up a new hobby, get fit, stretch more, get OUTSIDE, smell the roses 😉

A healthier body leads to a healthier mind which is a direct result to your own happiness. Last year Dom and I both decided to eat better and work out  more and we managed to gym 4-5 days a week almost every week last year and we would eat clean [remember – clean doesn’t mean bland – we just ate what our bodies craved] 5 out of 7 days a week. Living our best lives on the weekends with our mates.

This year we want to take it further and push our limits even more, not for anything other than ourselves. The feeling we got when we were eating well, training hard was amazing. We slept better, had more energy, clothes fitted nicely and that made me smile and gave me more confidence.

So join us this year on eating better, exercising more and finding enough balance between it all to make it a full time lifestyle change and not a fad or New Years resolution that we keep for 6 weeks. We are working on more amazing recipes that we know you will find delicious and also good for you so you don’t feel like you are restricting anything.

Here is to a better year for us all, being more positive [testing negative 😉 ] finding balance, growing our health goals and living our best lives supporting each other.

Happy 2022 to all our amazing followers – customers – family and friends.

Baobab powder has become a staple in our house since we started The Refillery almost 3 years ago. Why?

Baobab powder is a super fruit. It is eaten to boost health and vitality. The powder can be used as a health supplement and as a food ingredient.

Baobab powder is known for vitamin C, calcium, magnesium potassium and dietary fibres. Baobab powder is an antioxidant and has pr0biotic properties. You can even read more about how amazing this super fruit is over at Baobab Foods and you can buy it online or in-store here

Smoothie recipe

Strawberry and Mango Superfood smoothie

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Strawberry and Mango Superfood smoothie packed with nutrients to boost your immune system and kick start your year oin the right foot
Serves: 2 Glasses


Strawberry layer

  • 2 Frozen Bananas
  • 6 Strawberries
  • 2 tbsp Goji Berries
  • 1.4 Cup Plant milk or a milk of your choice

for the Mango Layer


  • In a high-powered blender place all the ingredients for the strawberry layer, blend until smooth and spoon into cups.
  • For the mango layer place all the ingredients into the blender and blend until smooth. Spoon on top of the strawberry layer.
  • These also make a lovely smoothie if you just want to throw it all together and make a smoothie cocktail.
  • *Tip – I like to freeze my bananas when they are ripe and there are lots of black spots on the skin. This makes them nice and sweet, and you don’t need to add any sweetener. Make sure to peel the banana before freezing it.