We have all loved containers and jars throughout the ages; it’s almost an obsessive-compulsive part of our lives…right? Or is that just me?

I’m convinced this is the new age, planet-friendly tuppaware party-alternative for households who have all their containers and are after that something special [and plastic free], that something classy and that something meaningful! Well here you have it folks, Spaza is our most fantastic find to date.

Julia Schaffer, founder over at the Spaza Store is one incredible woman, who explains that she discovered an alternative to the plastic and disposable alternatives that we are accustomed to today through her daily household tasks, shopping for her home, and entertaining her friends and family. Through this she started designing products that change the norm of your household daily tasks.

Their product ranges from locally made aprons, tea towels, face cloths and dish scrubs to our absolute favourite: their reusable cloth bowl covers that remove the need for a cling film or plastic wrap for your fridge or when entertaining in ‘conscious-style’.

All designed with beautifully eclectic African style prints from vibrant ‘protea flower’, to ‘Madiba’ inspired coloured canvas.  All showcasing Africa’s – bright, beautiful and unique side.

Not only are their products plastic-free, but they are also locally made and produced by African woman working in communities from their own home. Challenging the social conditions and gangsterism that these women face daily. How could we love them anymore?

We have a handpicked range that will be on sale on our online store in the new year that we are battling to keep our hands off.  But, until then we couldn’t recommend their gorgeous goodies anymore – not only for your own Christmas stocking but for every teachers present or special friend gift this December-visit our dear friends at www.spazastore.com

Truly a game changer in the Planet Friendly sphere!