The end of the year is fast approaching and i’m not sure about you, but the fatigue is rising, the pace quickening and I feel all a little exhausted.

Luckily we have a time-saving, nutrient packed, ingenious mix for you that will help make your daily ‘To-Do’s’ just that little bit easier.

This smoothie pre-mix is super easy and not only good for you but can be made for your kids as well. It’ll keep you healthy when your immune system is pushed to it’s limit and give you all the nutrients and super-foods you need.

Premix Recipe:

[This allows for a smoothie a day for two people for two weeks]

1 Cup – Oat bran

1 Cup – Linseed Flour

1 Cup – Ground sunflower and pumpkin seeds [A blender works perfectly here]

2 Cups – Almond Flour

1 Cup – Hemp powder

1 Cup – Raw Cacao [More if you like the taste]

1/2 Cup Maca Powder [Less if you don’t like the taste ]

Mix altogether and use 1/4 cup per smoothie you make daily for 2 people.

Here is a smoothie Idea for you to make life even easier.

1/4 cup – Smoothie pre-mix

150ml Water

3Tbs – Full Fat yoghurt

1/2 Avo

1 Banana

1 Cup Blueberries

Handful of spinach

1Tbs – Coconut Oil

2 Tps – Peanut Butter

Blend altogether and your good to go for the day!

Photo by Amanda Vick on Unsplash

Recipe and image courtesy of Tarryn Withers.