How about a little Rocky Road? Who doesn’t love a quick and easy recipe where you simply throw a bunch of delicious ingredients together add melted chocolate into?

Always fairly easy to throw together and always delicious, loved by pretty much everyone.

If you’ve never tried rocky road, then you are missing out on something really good! These candy bars sound like a simple treat, but unless you try it, you won’t get just how heavenly the combination of chocolate and marshmallows is.
Some recipes use only melted chocolate as the base of this bar, but I use a combination of melted butter and chocolate, to make it more chewy and velvety.

Fluffy marshmallows, crunchy nuts and chunks of dried fruits coated in melted chocolate it’s as simple as that. This cake is great fun to make with all the family and the best bit is you can personalize your cake by mix and matching the ingredients with your favourite sweets and biscuits.

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Rocky Road

Rocky Road

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Simple and easy to make Rocky road that everyone will LOVE!
Prep Time: 25 minutes


Topping Ideas


  • Place the marshmallows into the freezer to freeze so that they stay nice and hard. Then add the mango, pistachios, almonds and ginger and mix.
  • Melt the dark and milk chocolate together in a glass bowl over some steaming water and add in the butter.
  • Pour the melted chocolate into the marshmallow mix and stir to combine and get everything nice and coated in chocolate.
  • Pour into a loaf tin and flatten with the back of a spoon.
  • Then melt the white chocolate and drop some onto the dark chocolate loaf, use something sharp to swirl the white chocolate into the dark chocolate to make a beautiful pattern. Sprinkle on the pistachios and almonds and place I the fridge to set.
  • Cut into squares and enjoy this decadent treat.