So Pure Fabric Softener

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Add to machine dispenser drawer or final rinse water before adding washing. Avoid pouring directly onto fabrics. Avoid adding bleach or detergent to final rinse water.

Reduces static, Grey water safe, Plant powered and 99% naturally derived.

Dosage advice: Small load [6kg] OR hand wash, use 2 capfuls [10mls]

Large Load [12kg] use 4 capfuls [20mls]

Sold in a 500ml Bottle

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Imagine a world where it’s easier to breathe and be healthy… a world free from nasty chemicals.

So Pure Fabric softener easily and gently softens your families laundry and fabrics. free from harsh chemicals, plant powered and 99% natural derived.

Free from

  • Synthetic fragrances,
  • Animal fat based ingredients,
  • Colourants and
  • Ammonium chloride


  • 99% Naturally derived
  • Natural Plant Based Actives
  • Non-Toxic
  • Ultra Concentrated Softening
  • 1 cap = 1 Wash
  • Plant Based Ingredients

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500ml Bottle, Refill *


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