Honduras – Reserve Premium Coffee Capsules {100% biodegradable}

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Reserve premium coffee pods are certified biodegradable in every way, so no more pods piling up.

These pods take only 90 days to fully biodegrade.

Compatible for Nespresso Machines: U, Essenza, Essenza Mini, Lattissima, Citz, Inizia, Pixie, Expert, Creatista, Prodigio

We offer their range of 3 premium coffee pods: 10 Pods per box

Rwanda – Agaseke

Strength – 10

Ethiopia – Lekempti

Strength – 8

Honduras – Certified Organic

Strength – 6

In stock


We offer these biodegradable coffee pods in 3 ranges.

SOLD OUT –  Rwanda – Agaseke

This single origin coffee is floral with a juicy body and a chocolate aftertaste.

It is grown and harvested in the Karongi district Rwanda.

It is Rain forest certified and is a proudly woman owned and worked establishment where 585 woman produce Co-Op Rain Forest Certified 

100% Arabica Single origin coffee beans

SOLD OUT -Ethiopia – Lekempti

This single origin coffee is bold and smooth with a wonderful buttery after taste.

Lekempti is renowned for its exotic palate which is a distinct from the usual cherry tones of ethiopia

100% Arabica Single Origin Coffee Beans

Honduras – Certified Organic

This Single origin Honduras Organic coffee has a sweet and fruity aroma with lime acidity and a smooth full chocolate aftertaste.

100% Arabica Single Origin Coffee Beans

Reserve Premium coffee is produced in South Africa

These capsules are biodegradable certified by ‘OK Compost’ and TUV Austria

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Rwanda-Agaseke, Ethiopia-Lekempti, Hondorus Certified Organic