Refill The Nation

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We are choosing to rebuild our beautiful nation by Refilling it!
Refilling it with hope,
Refilling it with love
Refilling it with positivity and,
Refilling it with food.
Our new ‘Refill the Nation’ Soup or Stew mix is created to feed and nourish up to 4 people in one small jar. Filled with Rice, Lentils, Pearl Barley, Split Peas, Fortified Chicken Soup and Chicken Stock that will aid the hunger pains during trying times.
Every donation made of these jars will be sent to those in need to assist with the drive for food donations to parts of Gauteng and KZN. For every jar donated The Refillery will match each and every one to show we have power in numbers. Every small act of kindness has the ability to spread like wildfire.
Help us light up our country!



  • Your donation will be sent to the relief initiatives across JHB and KZN during this time of unrest.
  • Please note your donation of the stew mix/soup jar will not be sent to you it is donated on your behalf.
  • It shows as a product you are only able to PICK UP – this is to ensure no shipping is included.

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