Kuro-Bo Charcoal Stick

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KURO-Bo stick is handcrafted from hardwood, using an ancient Japanese technique each stick is hand-cut Kuro-Bo activated charcoal [Binchotan].

Drink Clean. Minimise waste. Make a difference today!

Natural, Plastic-free, Portable, Eco-friendly, Reusable, Recyclable.

When placed in water, they are scientifically proven to remove metals, chlorine, E. coli and balance an acidic pH, while enriching with beneficial minerals – giving you purified water with a more refreshing taste, wherever you are.

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KURO-Bo activated charcoal Sticks are 100% natural and eco-friendly water filters.

KUO-Bo stick provide 3 months of filtered, mineralised and pH-balanced water.

Easy to use – Simply boil your charcoal, drop into water, allow to purify and enjoy.

1 – ACTIVATE your stick by boiling it for 10minutes. Top up your bottle with up to 3L of water. Ideally leave for 4-6 hours or overnight, although filtration starts immediately.

2 – REACTIVATE and reuse the stick each month by re-boiling them for 10 minutes

3 – RECYCLE your stick after three months in a number of innovative and eco-friendly ways.

For more info please visit www.kuro-bo.com


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