My Own Menstrual cup

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The My Own Menstrual cup is an alternative to conventional disposable products such as tampons and pads. The cup is made from medical grade silicone and can be used and reused each month when you have your period.

The cup collects the menstrual blood inside your body rather than absorbing it.

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There are Three size options:

Petite – Ideal for teenagers

Medium Flow is used for all woman and young girls from 11 years up to 30 years of age

Heavy Flow size is for woman over the age of 30 and usually woman who have had children or those with a heavy flow.


How does it work?

The  cup is inserted into the vagina, close to the opening [much different to that of a tampon which is higher inside the vagina). the menstrual cup will open up inside the vagina and create a small seal or vacuum which does not allow any blood to pass through. All the blood is collected inside the cup. When you need to remove the cup you can push down on your pelvic muscles and pull on the stem to remove it from your body. Make sure that when you are removing the cup, you are pinching the base of the cup to remove the suction seal. each time you take it out, empty it into a toilet, sink, shower or bath and rinse in clean water before inserting again.

MyownCupmenstrual cup is a comfortable and discreet menstrual product that creates a non-absorbent barrier that effectively collects menstrual fluid, which is then easily disposed of by flushing.
This empowers girls and women to embrace their cycle and not shy away from their daily lives, and welcome their surroundings as they are reassured they can continue to attend school, work, and participate in physical/ social events.


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