Dental Floss

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The ethical way of plastic-free flossing!

Our natural floss is made from ethically harvested silk. The silk itself is coated with plant-based candelilla wax, and flavoured with organic spearmint oil.

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  • Reusable glass dispenser and metal cap, packaged in a compostable craft paper box
  • 30m enough for approx. 100 applications

Directions for use:

  1. Remove about 30 centimetres of floss gently and wind around your index or middle fingers.
  2. Gently contour floss around your teeth and guide in a zig zag motion slowly between each tooth.
  3. Keeping about 5 cm taught between your fingers, guide the floss up and down against your teeth and under your gums, gradually unwinding floss from one finger to another.

Notable features:

  • Compostable silk floss (30m long)
  • Plant-based candelilla wax
  • Organic spearmint oil
  • Reusable glass dispenser and metal cap (55mm tall)
  • Packaged in a compostable craft paper box
  • Plastic-free
  • Refills sold separately
  • 15g

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