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Help us raise money this Breast Cancer awareness Month by purchasing a box of these phenomenal macarons – All proceeds go to A breast cancer specialist in Pretoria to help those who can’t afford treatment or need financial aid during their treatment – read below

Flavours are Crispy Apple and Lemon Meringue – They are mouth watering and made with love by Pai Bakery in Pretoria.

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The Refillery has collaborated with Pai Bakery, Tani Grobler [Breast cancer survivor and friend of ours] as well as Community Couriers have decided to sell this unique, limited edition macaron box dedicate to both Tani and her oncologist Dr Portugal. Read more about her story below

 Breast Cancer Awareness Month

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month

But let’s be honest, although most of us are already aware of breast cancer, it means little until it affects us, or one of our loved ones, directly.

That was the case for Tani Grobler, who, in 2019, discovered she had the dreaded tumour. Tani admits that the following several months were some of the most intense of her life, and yet became one of the biggest blessings she never wanted.

“I did not start my journey fighting cancer with a lot of faith,” Tani says. “But after my first chemo, having continuously reached out to God for strength, through many tears, I realised deep down that something good would come from this experience.”

The Bible teaches us that “in His presence there is fullness of joy” and that “the joy of the Lord is our strength.” The key to these scriptures is God, rather than the circumstances in which we find ourselves.

This is the message Tani wants to spread – that despite how tough and intense a season it was, somehow she experienced life, hope and joy as her relationship with God deepened.

On top of what Tani was dealing with personally, her dad was diagnosed with lung cancer two weeks after her first chemo. He passed away seven months later. Having lost a loved one to cancer, as well as going through chemo herself, Tani understands the realities. She understands how expensive treatment can be. She understands how helpless you can feel. And because she understands, she hopes to help others going through similar ordeals.

This is where this breast cancer awareness project was born.

Tani was treated by Dr Coccia-Portugal and her compassionate & passionate close- knit team in Pretoria East. “From day one, I experienced kindness. I was never just a number,” she says of them. “To me, they are all heroes.”

With these two bespoke macaron flavours, Tani hopes to raise funds for others’ treatment with Dr Coccia-Portugal.


The Tani Macaron [Gorgeous Pink]

My lifelong favourite dessert, without a doubt, has been Lemon Meringue! And so, when my good friend Annika Uys of Pai – For the Love of Food asked me what special macaron they could make me, I responded, “Lemon Meringue.” The next thing I knew, my friend (the macaron master) had conceived and produced the Lemon Meringue flavoured Tani macaron.

Not to be biased, but it has become my new favourite sweet treat.

The Dr Coccia-Portugal Green Apple Macaron

After only one consultation, I discovered that Dr Coccia-Portugal believes religiously in a plant-based diet for overall health, and to fight disease. So fervent is she, that the adage, “an apple a day keeps the doctor away,” became very real to me. My spin on it? “An apple a day keeps Dr Portugal at bay.”

After one of my chemo treatments, a friend (who hadn’t yet encountered Dr Portugal’s firm beliefs) arrived at the practice with a super-sized box of doughnuts to thank them all for looking after me so well. Not only was she lectured from a dizzy height, but all the patients, family members and others in earshot were told in no uncertain terms of the dangers of confectionary and the benefits of green juices, green meals and (especially) green apples.

Although Dr Portugal would never admit to trying one of the macarons named in her honour, we are sure she would be delighted with them. After all, they are green and taste very much like tangy apples!

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