• So Pure Fabric Softener

    R64.50 including VAT
    Add to machine dispenser drawer or final rinse water before adding washing. Avoid pouring directly onto fabrics. Avoid adding bleach or detergent to final rinse water. Reduces static, Grey water safe, Plant powered and 99% naturally derived. Dosage advice: Small load [6kg] OR hand wash, use 2 capfuls [10mls] Large Load [12kg] use 4 capfuls [20mls] Sold in a 500ml Bottle
  • So Pure Laundry Detergent

    R67.50 including VAT
    For stubborn stains, pre treat stains with a stain remover. Small Load 6Kg - 5-10ml to the load Top Loader 12kgs - 15-20mls Hand wash - 5-10mls Grey water safe, Plant powered, enzyme powered and 97% naturally derived. Sold in a 500ml Bottle
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    So Pure Surface Disinfectant

    R64.50 R49.50 including VAT
    Sold in a 500ml glass Bottle    
  • So Pure Bottle & Teat wash

    R84.50 including VAT
    Contains the latest Malodour control technology - a fast acting, long-lasting, non-reversible Odour Eliminator that works by permanent chemical bonding. Easily removes smells, stubborn milk, food, chemical residue and grease from feeding bottles, teats, cups, baby dishes and breast pumps. Also excellent for also cleaning and removing smells from gym bottles. 97% Naturally derived Sold in a 500ml glass Bottle.    
  • Remove vomit stains & other baby messes from Laundry and washable fabrics. Also suitable for Cotton Nappies. 97% naturally derived ingredients. Sold in a 500ml glass Bottle.    
  • So Pure Antibacterial Cream

    R69.50 including VAT
    Our versatile Anti-Bacterial Cream Cleaner easily lifts grease and grime with a gentle abrasive action and also kills 99.9% of germs. Free from Ammonia and cleaning without Harsh-Fumes, is the future Now! We’re using the latest powerful plant based technology and calming Orange Essential Oil. Suitable for cleaning bathroom, tiles, kitchen and stainless steel surfaces. 98% Naturally derived Sold in a 500ml Bottle, add a Lotion pump for ease of use here

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