• Ideal as a breathable cover for desserts and casseroles in square dishes with handles. Use on the table, in the fridge or when transporting a dish to a gathering.
    • Fits up to 24cm (9.25in) square baker with handles.
    • Elastic fastening around the handles of square casserole dishes and servers.
    • 100% lightweight cotton.
    • Breathable, no sweating or condensation.
    • Handy, plastic-free, non-disposable, long-lasting.
    • Available in cool grey four fish print.
    • Handmade by women working in home industries in and around Cape Town, South Africa.
    Care instructions: Machine washable, hang to dry. 
  • Dish cover set of 4

    R420.00 including VAT
    The large and extra large sizes are necessary for entertaining while the small and medium sizes get used continually during the week for serving and ongoing dishes. All covers fit varying sizes and shapes and are excellent in the fridge, on the table, or in the car!
  • Super absorbent, hard working, biodegradable, cloth for wiping up around the kitchen. Wash in the dishwasher with your dishes.
  • Spaza Body Exfoliator

    R50.00 including VAT
    A wonderful exfoliating body scrub. Biodegradable alternative made from sisal - a natural and renewable resource grown in West Africa.
    • Hand-crocheted
    • Sizes may differ slightly - approximately 10cm diameter
    Care instructions: Rinse out in clean water and air dry
  • Spaza Bowl Covers

    R105.00R155.00 including VAT
    Use on the table, in the fridge or to transport a dish to a dinner party. Takes the shape of your dish. Hand printed on 100% cotton.
    • The Spaza Bowl cover will fit over rectangular and round dishes
    • Breathable, no sweating of leafy greens and condensation
    • Simple to use fits various shapes and sizes
    • Plastic-free, non-disposable, long lasting
    The Entertainer bowl cover fit 39cm - 46cm salad bowls, servers, and casseroles. Extra Large Covers fit 33cm -36cm salad bowls, servers, and casseroles. Large Covers fit 26cm - 33cm salad bowls, servers, and casseroles. Medium Covers fit 22cm - 26cm salad bowls, servers, and casseroles Small Covers fit 15cm - 22cm salad bowls, servers, and casseroles. Care instructions: Machine washable, hang dry, no shrinking
  • Out of stock

    SPAZA Bread Bag

    R105.00 including VAT
    • 100% cotton bread bag is perfect for storing fresh and artisanal breads. Rectangle drawstring bag 23.5cmX41cm.\
    • Freshly baked bread rolls are best stored in something that can breathe, allowing the moisture to escape while keeping the bread crisp.
    • Handmade in home industries, providing an income for women at home.
    • Great gift idea.
    Care Instructions: Machine wash and air dry.
  • Spaza Dry Goods Produce Bags

    R330.00 including VAT
    A stylish solution for plastic-free grocery shopping! These dry goods bags are made out of 100% cotton and are ideal for your bulk and packaging-free shopping hauls. They also make fantastic eco-friendly 'ziplock' bags for anything and everything!
    • Simple zip closure keeps contents secure and makes pouring easy
    • Includes 4 sizes: 2kg, 1kg, 500gm, 250gm
    • Breathable, reusable, made to last
    • Individually hand printed
    • Each bag has a unique motif and colour for easy identification
    • 100% pre-washed cotton
    Care instructions: Machine wash and dry
  • SPAZA Face Cloth

    R70.00 including VAT
    A thick cotton hand-knit face cloth with gentle exfoliating qualities - refreshing for face and body. Made with natural fibre cotton, grown and processed in South Africa.
    • A thick cloth great for steaming
    • Made from natural cotton fibre, grown and processed in South Africa
    • Handmade so the sizes vary slightly 20cm
    • Handy loop for hanging
    • Handmade in home industries, providing an income for women at home.
  • Tawashi Scrub

    R65.00 including VAT
    Spaza Store's Tawashi is hand crocheted out of the natural fibre, jute and is fantastic for washing dishes. Keep it clean by resting it in a shallow sink of boiling water and vinegar or by running in the dishwasher with your dishes.  
  • Tiny Tops set of 3

    R135.00 including VAT
    3 Pack - Great for covering jugs and pitchers, small bowls or tiny tops.
    • Tiny Top: 7cm - 10 cm Diameter
    • Jug Cover: 10cm - 13cm Diameter
    • XS bowl cover: 3cm - 17cm Diameter
    • Can be used in fermenting