• Chimichurri Salt | Che Gourmet

    R17.97R47.92 including VAT

    An Argentinian Herb Sauce Inspired Seasoning

    Chimichurri Salt is inspired by my Argentinian Herb Sauce called Chimichurri. It has Garlic & Onion overtones and is perfectly combined with any grilled meat or vegetable as a seasoning or even marinade
  • Japanese 7 Spice | Che Gourmet

    R36.00R60.00 including VAT

    The Authentic Japanese Spice Blend

    Japanese 7 Spice blend combines seven different spices for a deep savoury/spicy flavour perfect for adding to any savoury Japanese dish. Works great as a rub for grilling meat & vegetables on an open flame. Also enhances the flavour of noodles.
  • Kimchi Salt | Che Gourmet

    R23.55R62.80 including VAT
    Kimchi Salt is comprised of amazing high quality pure organic salt from the underground salt pans in the Kalahari Desert and the taste sensation that is Ché Gourmet Kimchi. Our Kimchi is dehydrated at consistent temperatures to retain as many of its health benefits as possible. This mind blowing combination results in an exceptionally tasty and versatile salt that can be added to any and ALL meals.
  • Thai 7 Spice | Che Gourmet

    R33.00R55.00 including VAT

    The Authentic Aromatic Thai 7 Spice Blend

    Thai 7 Spice imparts delicate and aromatic flavours and a chilli kick which bring Thai dishes to life. Add in Coconut Milk to any dish with this seasoning blend and be transported to South East Asia. Sprinkle over fresh Mango & Sticky Rice for a punch of Thai flavour.
  • Za’Atar | Che Gourmet

    R36.00R60.00 including VAT

    The Traditional Eastern Mediterranean Spice Blend

    Pronounced “Zah-Tar”, this supremely aromatic spice blend incorporates various herby flavours in a pungent, olive green combination that is as delicious as it is multi-purpose. Sprinkle over Pita Bread, Hummus, Seasons Meats & Vegetables as well as Labneh and even use to make Herbal Tea.