• Beard Butter 50g

    R255.00 including VAT
    Say goodbye to wiry, unmanageable beards and dry itchy skin! Made with shea butter, hemp oil, coconut oil, pure beeswax, tea tree oil and a range of essential pure oils, Bonafide Beard Balm was developed to:
    • Tame and shape your beard
    • Nourish and condition your beard
    • Treat and protect the skin underneath your beard 
  • Mustache Wax – 20g

    R95.00 including VAT
    Gentlemen, start your staches! Made with the finest natural ingredients like coconut oil, sweet almond oil, beeswax, carnauba wax and lightly fragranced with sandalwood, Bonafide Beard’s Mustcahe wax was developed to:
    • Curl, shape and train your mustache 
    • Nourish and condition your mustache
    • Treat and protect the skin underneath your mustache 
  • Beard Brush

    R130.00 including VAT
    Do you own the perfect beard brush? Brushing with this beautiful Bonafide Beard brush is beneficial for both hair and skin because it: Brushes effortlessly through knots Works the balm through your beard Shapes and tames fly away hair Stimulates and exfoliates the skin
  • Bonafide cleansing bars

    R75.00 including VAT
    Gone are the days of using generic shampoos to wash your beard – it’s time you add a Cleansing Bar to your beard grooming regime. Bonafide Beards Cleansing Bar is made with pure coconut oil, clay, activated charcoal plus spearmint oil and was especially developed to:
    • Cleanse your beard and skin without stripping them of their natural oils
    • Moisturise your hair and skin
  • Shaving Soap – 150g

    R185.00 including VAT
    Made with 100% farmhouse Goat’s Milk soap. Contains minerals such as iron, unfragranced coconut oil for its antibacterial properties and clay which absorbs impurities. Use in conjunction with our Bonafide Faces Shaving oil and Aftershave Balm for maximum results.
  • Shaving Brush

    R150.00 including VAT
    • Faux badger bristles allow for the production of a great lather
    • Extremely soft and absorbent bristles
    • Prepares your face for a smooth and luxurious shave
    • Outstanding quality – for years of service
  • Serious about your beard... Then this is the right gift for you!