• Our very own Refillery branded Activated Charcoal Soap. Its is 100% natural, vegan friendly, hypoallergenic, free from parabens and not tested on animals.
  • Beeswax Food Wraps Sea Theme Wax Wraps
    Hand painted by 'Lello' beeswax wraps come in a set of 2 beautiful prints. Simply stop using plastic wrap to cover your bowls or food, wrap your sandwiches and snacks, cheese in the fridge and much much more. Looked after correctly they can last up to 6 months or longer. The set contains: 2 X 33cm X 33cm [The perfect size for a block of cheese or kiddies sandwiches] Care Instructions: Simply wash in luke warm water with soap and leave to dry.
  • Chocolate Coconut Vegan Bliss Balls

    Bliss Ball recipe – In A Jar

    R100.00 including VAT
    Get all the credit without the admin. This tried and tested, super simple, bliss ball recipe is an absolute winner. Caramely, chocolatey with all the natural goodness of raw nuts, seeds and dates :) Recipe Included but read all about it here
  • Jojoba & sea buckthorn oil naturally have healing anti-inflammatory properties, reducing redness, calming & brightening the skin. RoseHip is rich in Vitamin A, reducing age spots, wrinkles and pigmentation. Buchu is a miracle fynbos botanical that assists in removing excess oil, reducing spots & blemishes. The plant based squalene locks in moisture and prevents fine lines.
    • In-store REFILL option coming in October
  • Cacao Macadamia Grainola

    R71.25R285.00 including VAT
    The Grainery's signature blend of grains generously coated in a dark deep date, macadamia and cacao glaze before being baked in small batches to achieve the ultimate crunch. Tossed with sticky dates, raw cacao nibs and roasted macadamia nuts. Tastes like: sultry chocolate kisses
  • CBD Body Oil 50ml | KiriCann

    R153.25 including VAT
    The essential oil blend of Frankincense, Lavender, Cedarwood and Lemon Grass do not only add fragrance but a unique terpene profile that improves skin health, natural SPF, protection barrier and reduces stress.  The combination carrier of Hemp Seed and Baobab Oil has a low comedogenic rating which means that pores will not get blocked. Benefits include
      • Moisturize
      • Improved skin elasticity 
      • Improves skins ability to repair itself
      • reduce inflammation
    Full Spectrum CBD: This is the ingredient that interacts with the bodies biggest organ (The Skin) and makes it function better. Traditional creams and body lotions contain ingredients that shuts down the skin function to increase dependence on the product. CBD reboots this function and brings the skin back into a state of Homeostasis. 
  • Dark Hot Chocolate

    R18.50R111.00 including VAT
    Dark Hot Chocolate
  • Deluxe Cookie in a Jar Chocolate Chunk Cookies
    We love our cookies so much we thought what a great gift idea. These cookies are delicious, oozing with chocolate and will make you want more. Included:
    • 750ml Jar
    • Dry Ingredients
    • Recipe included
    You will need:
    • 1/2 Cup Unsalted butter
    • 2 Tsp vanilla essence
    • 1 Large Egg
  • A stylish solution for plastic-free grocery shopping! These dry goods bags are made out of 100% cotton and are ideal for your bulk and packaging-free shopping hauls. They also make fantastic eco-friendly 'ziplock' bags for anything and everything!
    • Simple zip closure keeps contents secure and makes pouring easy
    • Includes 4 sizes: 2kg, 1kg, 500gm, 250gm
    • Breathable, reusable, made to last
    • Individually hand printed
    • Each bag has a unique motif and colour for easy identification
    • 100% pre-washed cotton
    Care instructions: Machine wash and dry
  • Going Back 2 Nature with your sun protection is better for you & better for our Planet. Containing only high quality, 100% natural & non-nano ingredients. suitable for the whole family. Mineral sunscreens are effective immediately after application.
    • In-store REFILL option coming in October
  • Night Cream - Avocado has antioxidant carotenoids, which are free radical quenching compounds that protect your skin from environmental damages that leads to lines, wrinkles and other visible signs of aging. In addition the coconut oil, non-gmo soy wax and frankincense all have miraculous properties of their own. Can be used on all skin types, and is ideal to use on your skin during winter. NATURAL | *ORGANIC | VEGAN | CRUELTY FREE | NO PARABENS | EARTH FRIENDLY | MADE IN RSA
  • Kaolin clay is amazing for drawing out toxins in the skin, as well as softening and toning. Rooibos is rich in anti-oxidants, therefore an anti-aging agent, it is great for treating issues such as eczema and acne. The natural oils and extracts of coconut, almond & tea tree all have their own abundance of healing and rejuvenating properties to the skin. It’s all nature’s secret.
  • Grumpy Snacks – Chocolate Coated chickpeas

    R38.00R114.00 including VAT
    Crunchy dry-roasted chickpeas covered in chocolate.
  • Measuring Spoon Measuring Spoon
    New 10g Measuring spoon - perfect for your Collagen
  • Nut Mylk Kit Nut Mylk Kit

    Nut Mylk In A Jar

    R155.00 including VAT
    The cutest gift around - This nut Mylk recipe in a jar has all you need to start your own Nut milk. Included:
    • 750ml Mylk Bottle
    • Raw Cashew nuts
    • Nut Milk bag
    Just follow the recipe and voila.
  • Out of stock
    These are cotton fabric kitchen towels that replace ordinary single-use paper towels. They come in very handy and are suitable for all uses. Use, wash, and re-roll them to help reduce single-use items around the world by starting with your home! The Black & Brown set Contains - Black | Beige | Black Beige Pattern
  • Vegan Product Placeholder

    Sea Salt Chickpeas | Grumpy Snacks

    R33.00R165.00 including VAT
     Crunchy dry-roasted chickpea with sea salt
  • Serum Pump – 15ml

    R27.00 including VAT
    Perfect for DIY, essential oil and more
  • Use to cover salad bowls on the table, in the refrigerator, or when transporting your contribution to a gathering.
    •  Fits 26-33 cm (10-13 in) salad bowls.
    • Takes the shape of your dish so use on oval, square and rectangular dishes.
    • Breathable, no sweating of leafy greens or condensation.
    • Plastic-free, non-disposable, long-lasting
    • 100% lightweight cotton.
    • Available in charcoal safari print or drift blue protea print.
    • Handmade by women working in home industries on the outskirts of Cape Town.
    Care instructions: Machine washable, hang dry.
  • Speed Pourer

    R29.70 including VAT
    Useful for all your liquids, especially oil & vinegars
  • Vegan Hot Chocolate

    R7.65R45.90 including VAT
    Vegan Hot chocolate - Just add boiling water or a vegan milk of your choice  
  • Toner | Ideal for removing make up.  Witch hazel & rose water help to tighten and tone the capillaries just below the skin, as well as to reduce redness and sooth irritated skin. Witch hazel however, contains volatile oils, resins and numerous photo-chemicals including tannins which are powerful antioxidant compounds that help to neutralize free radicals, preventing them from damaging the skin.  Rose geranium is known to treat acne and reduce inflammation, also balancing out the hormones in your skin. This combination is especially valuable for dry, sensitive and aging skin.
    • This product is REFILLABLE in-store!