• Colombian Decaf Coffee Beans | Fair Trade

    R62.25R415.00 including VAT
    These Colombian DECAF coffee beans are Fair Trade, roasted in RSA and are absolutely amazing. Grade 2 single origin coffee.
  • Dark Hot Chocolate

    R18.50R111.00 including VAT
    Dark Hot Chocolate
  • New Manaka decaf coffee has bold, chocolaty aroma notes. Mildly fruited in flavour, mild acidity with a lingering dark chocolaty aftertaste. Enjoyed perfectly as an espresso, wonderfully as a cappuccino, and just as good in a Plunger, Dripper or Chemex. SINGLE ORIGIN: COLOMBIA Medium Roast
  • Honey Jar – 500g

    R113.70 including VAT
    RAW Honey, Unrefined, Not Heated and locally sourced.  
  • La Luna Blends

    La Luna Blends | A Sleepy Dream Time Tea

    R86.40R144.00 including VAT

    A Sleepy Dream time Tea is a calming, relaxing blend that helps with anti-aging. it is high in antioxidants, balances hormones, soothes spasms and reduces menstrual cramps.

    "The Night - the moon kissed the sun on the head and said goodnight."

    Chamomile, Valerian root, Angus Cactus berries, Licorice Root, Lady mantle, Red Clover, Butterfly Pea Tea & Lavender Blossoms

  • Luxury Tea Gift Set

    R190.00 including VAT
    This Luxury Loose Leaf Organic Tea gift set is the perfect gift for someone special, a secret Santa or even to spoil yourself.
    • Limited stock so get in quick.
  • Organic African Black Tea

    R16.17R26.95 including VAT

    Locally grown African Black Tea.

    It is a beautiful blend creating a bold, malty and smooth flavour that lends well to breakfast tea enjoyment.
  • Organic Apple Crumble

    R44.92R74.86 including VAT

    This Apple Crumble tea is tasty and will fill your cup with sweet aromatic smells and flavours. Its a must try!

    Subtle, sweet, fragrant and luxurious. It can be enjoyed with sugar or honey. For strength, boil on a stove.

  • Organic Chamomile

    R89.40R149.00 including VAT
    Pure Chamomile - Promotes sleep and peacefulness 
  • Organic Earl Grey

    R48.51R80.85 including VAT
    Earl Grey Fine leaf black tea blend. Unapologetically flavourful and refreshing. The finest Assam is blended with a splash of citrus bergamot oil
  • Organic Green Tea

    R62.40R104.00 including VAT

    Pure Gunpowder Green Tea.

    Refreshing, deep, subtly sweet, fresh and delicate taste when steeped. Boil to experience its robustness.

    • Tea Strainer NOT Included
  • Organic Mint

    R37.73R62.89 including VAT

    This tea is a combination of Gunpowder Green Tea and mint. It is defined by the exclusive way it is prepared and consumed in Morocco.

    Refreshing, deep, subtly sweet, fresh and delicate taste when steeped. Boil to experience its robustness.

    • Tea Strainer NOT included
  • Organic Red Berry

    R76.80R128.00 including VAT

    This tisane or “herbal infusion” contains a combination of berries and flowers that result in a cascade of sweet and sour flavour notes. It is fresh, sweet and smooth complimented by a gentle tang. Hibiscus and Rosehip are deep red in colour, lending to a beautifully pink to red water.

  • Organic Rooibos

    R24.79R41.32 including VAT
    Our wild rooibos is sustainably harvested from 30 to 50 year old naturally occurring plants in the Cederberg mountains of the Western Cape of South Africa. These plants contain more nutrition and flavour as a result, as well as adapt to climate change and drought more efficiently. This Rooibos is unlike any other with a deep, complex flavour that has earthy, woody, sweet and smooth notes. Indigenous tribes of South Africa used Rooibos to accompany them on their hunting trips, which would last for many days. Associated with the sun, it was seen as a giver of life. As a legume, Rooibos allows its community plants to thrive by converting nitrogen in the air to a usable substance in the soil. It brings life and balance to the ecosystem. Our Rooibos has been sustainably harvested from the Wild. Allowing the plants to grow in the wild supports the delicate Fynbos ecosystem, contributing to better plant and soil conditions as well as adaptation to climate change, thus benefiting the entire plant community and allowing it to thrive. This results in a Premium Quality, Organic product.
  • Phats & Bones Coffee Beans | MANAKA Coffee

    R54.00R360.00 including VAT
    MANAKA COFFEE - A hand crafted combination of Ugandan, Brazilian & Tanzanian beans - Medium roasted to perfection. the blend has a beautifully rich aroma with a full body, delightful citrus notes, hints of sweet cherry and dark chocolate lingering aftertaste. Enjoyed perfectly as an espresso, wonderfully as a cappuccino and just as good as a plunger | Dripper or Chemex
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    The ideal gift to give for your Teacher or for that work colleague "Secret Santa". Filled with all the best we have to feel pampered and looked after. Please note there are TWO options for the labels; Teachers gift | You're Special. Please select which one you are after
    • Limited stock so get in quick.
  • Vegan Hot Chocolate

    R8.10R48.60 including VAT
    Vegan Hot chocolate - Just add boiling water or a vegan milk of your choice