• Coffee Beans – Fair Trade

    R48.75R325.00 including VAT
    These Ethiopian coffee beans are Fair Trade, roasted in RSA and are absolutely amazing. Grade 2 single origin coffee.
  • Decaf Coffee Beans – Fair Trade

    R60.37R402.50 including VAT
    These Ethiopian DECAF coffee beans are Fair Trade, roasted in RSA and are absolutely amazing. Grade 2 single origin coffee.
  • Ethiopian [Lekempti] Ground Coffee

    R52.50R350.00 including VAT
    These Ethiopian coffee beans are Fair Trade, roasted in RSA and ground weekly for our consumption. You can definitely taste the difference Grade 2 single origin coffee.
  • Honey Jar – 500g

    R93.50 including VAT
    Pure, raw, unrefined honey. Locally sourced In honey bee jar
  • Organic African Black Tea

    R64.05R106.76 including VAT

    Locally grown black tea.

    It is a beautiful blend creating a bold, malty and smooth flavour that lends well to breakfast tea enjoyment.
  • Organic Chamomile

    R86.40R144.00 including VAT
    Pure Chamomile - Promotes sleep and peacefulness 
  • Organic Earl Grey

    R72.00R120.00 including VAT
    Sir Earl Grey Fine leaf black tea blend. Unapologetically flavourful and refreshing. The finest Assam is blended with a splash of citrus bergamot oil
  • Organic Mint

    R58.80R98.00 including VAT

    This tea is a combination of Gunpowder Green Tea and mint. It is defined by the exclusive way it is prepared and consumed in Morocco.

    Refreshing, deep, subtly sweet, fresh and delicate taste when steeped. Boil to experience its robustness.

  • Organic Red Berry

    R60.34R100.58 including VAT

    This tisane or “herbal infusion” contains a combination of berries and flowers that result in a cascade of sweet and sour flavour notes. It is fresh, sweet and smooth complimented by a gentle tang. Hibiscus and Rosehip are deep red in colour, lending to a beautifully pink to red water.

  • Organic Rooibos

    R45.00R75.00 including VAT
    Our wild rooibos is sustainably harvested from 30 to 50 year old naturally occurring plants in the Cederberg mountains of the Western Cape of South Africa. These plants contain more nutrition and flavour as a result, as well as adapt to climate change and drought more efficiently. This Rooibos is unlike any other with a deep, complex flavour that has earthy, woody, sweet and smooth notes. Indigenous tribes of South Africa used Rooibos to accompany them on their hunting trips, which would last for many days. Associated with the sun, it was seen as a giver of life. As a legume, Rooibos allows its community plants to thrive by converting nitrogen in the air to a usable substance in the soil. It brings life and balance to the ecosystem. Our Rooibos has been sustainably harvested from the Wild. Allowing the plants to grow in the wild supports the delicate Fynbos ecosystem, contributing to better plant and soil conditions as well as adaptation to climate change, thus benefiting the entire plant community and allowing it to thrive. This results in a Premium Quality, Organic product.
  • Organic Turkish Apple

    R60.96R101.60 including VAT

    Turkey is known for their sweet apple tea as well as robust black tea that can be paired with rich spices. We have taken these favourites and blended them to harness the essence of Turkey in one sip.

    Subtle, sweet, fragrant and luxurious. It can be enjoyed with sugar or honey. For strength, boil on a stove.

  • Reusable Coffee Cup

    R155.00 including VAT
    Our home-brand 100% BPA free, glass coffee cup is the perfect excuse to have your coffee (or tea) on the go. This cup comes with a splash-proof silicone Lid and a silicone band for grip. Say no to take away cups and choose to reuse. 300ml