• Whey Protein Powder Concentrate

    R117.50R235.00 including VAT
    This whey protein concentrate powder consists of high quality protein. It can be used as a protein and energy supplement by body builders, convalescents and those needing to gain weight. Directions for use:  Mix two tablespoons into one cup milk/water OR stir into cereal or porridge, smoothies or milkshakes, soups or stews.
  • Kombucha’s health-promoting properties include the regulation of intestinal flora (thereby regulating intestinal activities), cellular strengthening, antibiotic effects and balancing of pH levels. It is used as a natural body detoxifier, with the glucoronic acid found in Kombucha playing an important role in the detoxification process, Kombucha Raw Vinegar contains B vitamins, amino acids, good yeast and bacteria, antibiotic substances and acetic, lactic, gluconic and glucuronic acids.
  • The Cultured Whey | FIRE Tonic

    R216.00 including VAT
    This tonic strengthens the immune system and can help cure viral, bacterial, parasitic and fungal diseases. It encourages blood circulation and lymph flow, purifying the blood. This remedy is the best choice for the fight against candida. Take one or more tbls daily. If you are struggling with lowered immunity increase your dose up to 4 tbsp daily. If you have an auto- immune condition, consult your physician.
  • The Cultured Whey | Beet Kvass

    R135.00 including VAT
    Beet Kvass is an excellent blood tonic, promotes health digestion and regular clearing of the bowels, alkalizes the blood and cleanses the liver. It is beneficial for reflux sufferers, aiding in the first digestive process in the upper stomach. Kvaas is a good treatment for kidney stones and other ailments. Widely used to support cancer treatment in Europe, reports indicate that kvass is also an excellent tonic for chronic fatigue.
  • Roasted Cacao Nibs

    R9.50R28.50 including VAT
    Roasted Cacao nibs are fermented cacao beans that have been cleaned, roasted and lightly crushed. They have a pleasantly bittersweet chocolatey taste and the toasted, crunchy feeling of roasted nuts, wonderful in baked goods, ice cream, salads, and trail mix or granola.
  • Pea Protein

    R73.75R147.50 including VAT
    Need a plant based protein powder - Look no further. This Yellow Pea Protein is extracted without the use of chemicals, using a wet process which ensures that pea isolates with 80 percent-90 percent protein are obtained. You will simply need 20g per shake or serving.
  • Organic Spirulina Powder

    R60.00R180.00 including VAT
    Spirulina is rich in nutrients, some of which aren't found in the average daily vitamin. Spirulina contains significant amounts of calcium, niacin, potassium, magnesium, B vitamins and iron. It also has essential amino acids (compounds that are the building blocks of proteins). Mix into smoothies, vegetable juices and workout shakes. Serving size: 1-2 teaspoons (3-6 g).  
  • Organic Raw Cacao Powder

    R14.55R43.65 including VAT
    Being so antioxidant and nutrient dense, cacao is a great addition for the chocolate lover to make 'boring' food a treat! Add it to smoothies, yoghurt, froyo, baked goods, cereals, oatmeal and even milk! A fancy DIY hot chocolate in winter is recommended, or even use it to make your own chocolate. It's great to add to bliss balls and energy bars, or coating your granola. The uses are limitless!  
  • Organic Hemp Powder

    R17.50R52.50 including VAT
    Hemp seeds are a delicious and nutritious food that has been eaten for thousands of years by people all over the world. The seeds are cold-pressed to separate the oil, then cold milled to create this fine powder. With a content of 50% protein, this concentrate has a mild, slightly nutty flavour and aroma. Hemp protein powder is also a natural source of omega fatty acids, essential amino acids, vitamins, minerals and dietary fibre. Organic Hemp protein is a naturally scrumptious addition to drinks, raw food recipes and a range of cooked recipes.
  • Organic Baobab Powder

    R20.80R62.40 including VAT
    Baobab fruit powder is traditionally eaten throughout Africa by thousands of people. It’s an astonishingly nutrient dense food that provides vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and dietary fibre and boasts a range of health benefits.

    With its impressive nutritional profile of bio-available nutrients, baobab powder is suitable for vegans, and has been certified Halal and Kosher

  • MotherKind – Collagen GLOW From Within

    R155.00R1,550.00 including VAT
    Glow from Within is a 100% pure hydrolyzed collagen peptided which is soluble in and liquid: hot/cold and tasteless with a creamy texture. It can easily be added to any liquid (water/juice/coffee/smoothies) or used when preparing foods. ** This product come standard in our Refillery brown paper bags - If you would like to add a jar to your cart click here  
  • MotherKind – Body GOLD

    R180.00R1,800.00 including VAT
    BODYGOLD®️ Natural Bodysculpt & Toner contains bioactive collagen peptides, targeted for increasing lean body mass and decreasing fat mass. These special peptides are concentrated, soluble, highly bioavailable and clinically verified for optimising body toning by stimulating the collagen matrix of the muscles. When used in combination with exercise, these specialised bioactive peptides have been clinically proven to reshape and optimise body composition
    ** This product come standard in our Refillery brown paper bags - If you would like to add a jar to your cart click here  
  • Moringa Leaf Powder

    R50.00R150.00 including VAT
    Moring Leaf Powder. Add to your smoothies, juices or shakes for added benefits
  • META-LAB | ISO-Bridge Premium Whey, Vanilla Bean

    R212.50R850.00 including VAT
    Featuring a blend of two ultra premium branded proteins - Whey protein Isolate 90% and whey protein hydrolysate - With ISOBRIDGE you are guaranteed the  best quality whey protein blend on the market. If you want the best and all the whey benefits without the lactose this is the protein for you! Feed your muscles the best, feed them ISOBRIDGE! Directions for use:  Mix 31g  of Meta Lab premium protein whey with 250ml - 300ml cold water / milk.  
  • ManKind – Collagen

    R155.00R1,550.00 including VAT
    Mankind collagen is a 100% pure hydrolyzed collagen peptided which is soluble in and liquid: hot/cold and tasteless with a creamy texture. It can easily be added to any liquid (water/juice/coffee/smoothies) or used when preparing foods. ** This product come standard in our Refillery brown paper bags - If you would like to add a jar to your cart click here  
  • Maca Powder

    R35.00R210.00 including VAT
    Maca is well known as an amazing hormone balancer, and strength builder. Because of its oxygenating effect on the blood, it has also gained the reputation for being the best natural aphrodisiac.
  • Goji Berries

    R52.50R262.50 including VAT
    Goji berries have gained popularity by being a superfood. They're thought to help prevent premature ageing, boost the immune system, have benefits for diabetes and protect against heart disease and cancer.
  • Chia Seeds

    R14.25R42.75 including VAT
    Chia seeds are an amazingly versatile food. Chia originated in Mexico and is botanically part of the Mint family. They have no added preservatives, are non-GMO and have been tested to show they are free of chemical residues. [slw_product_locations show_qty="no" show_stock_status="yes" show_empty_stock="yes"]  


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