• ’00’ Pastry Flour

    R16.00R64.00 including VAT
    CHAMPAGNE VALLEY - Finely Stone ground flour ideal for baking pastries. Non GMO Stoneground Unbleached
  • Baking Powder

    R2.01R10.18 including VAT
    Baking Powder is a dry leavening agent used in making baked goods. It typically consists of sodium bicarbonate, and a week acidic substance (such as cream of tartar), starch or flour and is used to increase the volume and lighten the texture of those baked goods.
  • Baking Soda

    R11.25R22.50 including VAT
    Sodium bicarbonate, bicarbonate of soda, or baking soda, is one of the best natural products to use in DIY cleaning, deodorizing and personal care products. It can be used in natural toothpastes, laundry cleaners and all types of odour removal products. Freshening breath, DIY deodorant, polishing teeth, relieve skin irritation and insect bites, exfoliating skin, DIY cleaner for grimey surfaces, DIY microwave and oven cleaner, polishing silverware, removing crayons from walls, deodorising your fridge and bins, boosting laundry detergent, unclogging drains, deodorising litter boxes and much more!
  • Brown Sugar

    R2.30R11.50 including VAT
    Brown sugar is made of crystalline sucrose combined with a small amount of molasses, which is responsible for its characteristic colour and rich flavour. It's also great in baking recipes and an amazing exfoliant in DIY body scrubs.
  • Cake Wheat Flour

    R14.25R28.50 including VAT
    Stoneground Cake Wheat flour from Champagne Valley is free from preservatives, No GMO and unbleached.  
  • Castor Sugar

    R4.70R23.50 including VAT
    Used in baking. Castor sugar is a key ingredient when making macarons as well as Meringues.
  • Cocoa Powder

    R8.75R26.25 including VAT
    Cocoa powder differs from Cacao powder as it undergoes a roasting process. Perfect for baking and adding that extra chocolate flavour.
  • Corn Starch | Corn Flour

    R7.50R15.00 including VAT
    Maize is milled into soft flour also known as corn starch. Great as a thickening agent.
  • Gluten Free Chocolate Muffin Mix

    R72.00R148.00 including VAT
    This delicious, fluffy GLUTEN FREE chocolate muffin premix is incredible. The recipe is simple. Recipe: Add 600g of the muffin mix with 185ml oil, 3 XL eggs and 185ml water. Whisk the liquids and add to the mix. Pour into muffin trays. Bake at 180c for 20-25Mins [slw_produc_locations show_qty="no" show_stock_status="yes" show_empty_stock="yes"]
  • Icing Snow

    R5.50R27.50 including VAT
    Also commonly found in baking, icing and other baked goods
  • Milk chocolate drops

    R15.50R77.50 including VAT
    Meet the award-winning 37% milk chocolate from Afrikoa - made with Direct Trade cocoa beans from Tanzania, South African sugar and full cream milk powder.
  • Oat Bran

    R11.53R23.06 including VAT
    Ideal for breakfast as hot cereal or mixed with yoghurt or cottage cheese. Oat bran can also be used to make savoury pancakes, pizza crust, muffins, cookies and much more!
  • Organic Coconut Sugar

    R48.75R97.50 including VAT
    Sustainably grown, Certified Organic Coconut Sugar is the nectar from the coconut palm blossom. It is then boiled to reduce it further, dried into a solid block then ground up to form granules.
  • Organic Raw Cacao Powder

    R14.55R43.65 including VAT
    Being so antioxidant and nutrient dense, cacao is a great addition for the chocolate lover to make 'boring' food a treat! Add it to smoothies, yoghurt, froyo, baked goods, cereals, oatmeal and even milk! A fancy DIY hot chocolate in winter is recommended, or even use it to make your own chocolate. It's great to add to bliss balls and energy bars, or coating your granola. The uses are limitless! Origin: Peru
  • Roasted Cacao Nibs

    R8.38R25.14 including VAT
    Roasted Cacao nibs are fermented cacao beans that have been cleaned, roasted and lightly crushed. They have a pleasantly bittersweet chocolatey taste and the toasted, crunchy feeling of roasted nuts, wonderful in baked goods, ice cream, salads, and trail mix or granola.
  • Sago

    R14.00R28.50 including VAT
    Sago is a starch extracted from the centre of various palm stems. Commonly used in puddings  
  • Sugar Free Dark Chocolate Drops

    R37.50R187.50 including VAT
    Sugar free dark chocolate drops A well balanced dark chocolate that is incredibly smooth, sugar free, dark and intense with a low bitterness and complex flavours
  • Vanilla Essence – 100ml

    R25.00 including VAT
    A baking necessity for any and all baking.
  • White chocolate drops

    R15.00R75.00 including VAT
    White Chocolate drops
  • White Sugar

    R2.30R11.50 including VAT
    White Sugar is a sweet crystalline or powdered substance, white when pure, consisting of sucrose obtained mainly from sugarcane and sugar beets and used in many foods, drinks, and medicines to improve their taste. Sugar’s glycolic acid can be very helpful in maintaining the health and look of your skin. Using it can help elimination blemishes and restoring the balance in the skin’s oils. Due to the fructose that can be found in sugar, after consumption insulin levels will be greatly increased during short periods of time, making you feel energetic and powerful.
  • Sale!

    Wooden Spoon – Large

    R30.00 including VAT
    Wooden Spoon, Long handle.
  • Wooden Spoon – Small

    R27.50 including VAT
    Wooden Spoon, Short handle.
  • Xylitol

    R23.30R116.50 including VAT
    Xylitol is a sugar free sweetener that is extracted from Birch trees. It is used as an alternative to sugars and sweeteners.
  • Yeast – 10g

    R17.00 including VAT
    10g Instant Yeast in a mini container


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