So what? Where? How much? Why?

I like to lump the 5 basics in one go as I personally think these are the most obvious and most talked about place to start.

“Every day approximately 8million pieces of plastic pollution find their way into our oceans” 

  • Water Bottles – Water companies don’t make water, they make plastic. Grab a reusable and REFILL it! You would be surprised how many bottles you would accumulate each year when you ‘Just grab a quick bottle at checkout’

“In 2018 it was recorded that there was a million plastic bottles bought around the world every minute., This is set to increase by 20% by 2021”. A report by The Guardian

  • Straws – I’m pretty certain that you have seen enough horrific images to just REFUSE the straw. Carry your reusable straw with you for milkshakes, smoothies on the go or any drink that you like to enjoy with a straw!
  • Take away cups – Choose to reuse and bring your own travel mug when you get a take away coffee, if you completely forgot and need you java fix, refuse the plastic lid. Often the recyclable options are difficult to do so, so to B.Y.O is always best!
  • PLASTIC BAGS – This one is so simple yet unbelievably effective. I often forget my bags in the car too – yet I load the goodies back in the trolley [Sans plastic bags] and then unload in my boot. Caring is the new cool and to B.Y.O reusable bag is way-cool
  • Here is a simple one but one often forgotten about –