So you already have the basics covered? Fabulous. So lets add to your list with things that replace single use items that are so commonly used and end up in the landfills, oceans and our atmosphere. #plasticfreeswaps

“Plastics consistently make up 60-90% of all marine debris studied”

Plastic Wrap

Ever notice how this one product is simply everywhere. It’s single-use and cannot be recycled so here are some amazing options to try:

Beeswax wraps.This reusable and plastic-free option infuses organic cotton with naturally malleable beeswax to create a sustainable cling wrap alternative. Beeswax wrap keeps food fresh and is delightfully versatile. Simply hand wash, dry and fold away for re-use. View them HERE

Glass containers – Glass jars are staples in every zero-waster’s toolkit. They’re washable, reusable, and recyclable. The material’s durability makes it a top choice for endlessly reusable containers that don’t pose health risks. View our range HERE

Cloth wraps/bowl covers – These are my favourite item in my kitchen. I don’t save them only for special occasions but use them to cover my dinner, or meal prep. I have them in all shapes and sizes and their gorgeous patterns make them a talking point at parties. View them HERE

Silicone bags / produce bags –  With everything you put into healthy food choices a more thoughtful storage bag only makes sense. Easy to use, easy to clean, reusable and non-toxic, stasher bags fit you perfectly.From food storage to travel bags to cosmetic pouches – their uses are ENDLESS. View