Christmas is honestly my favourite time of year and sadly associated with an enormous amount of plastic waste and waste in general for that matter. Getting caught up in the Christmas-swing is addictive but if you can … take a step back and reassess your favourite parts of Christmas and see if you can convert them to a plastic/waste-free part of your favourite holiday.

On the first day of Christmas…

It’s the most obvious and most impossible to avoid – presents.

Photo Credit to Kari Shea

We love to get them and we love to give them even more. It’s the most selfless time of year where you give someone you love or care about something you think they will enjoy… Well how about this year you make it count on both sides?

How about this year you find something your loved ones will like that matters to you and for the maker? Find something that fuels the soul of the entrepreneurs and the go-getters and not just the big corporate companies.

Easiest way for a start is to find locally owned, locally made and operated companies and products that you could support. Why not make it special for them and their families as well as for you and your loved ones?

Our favourite gem this festive season has to be ‘AMO – African Made Only’.  A fashion brand that is locally owned and run. African Made Only locally produces fashion apparel that is sure to be the envy of every stocking filler or for that special someone who deserves something bright, vibrant and out of this world.

Just look at these beautifully packaged, handcrafted and truly African shorts that we think will be a showstopper on the beach this year.

Go check them out at

Instagram @Africamadeonly

Lets RE-think the wrapping?

Christmas wrapping is extravagant and excessive and let’s be real…over the top! I know we love an exquisitely wrapped surprise but have you ever considered the massive waste on Christmas day?

We have found the perfect gift box from the extremely talented Tarryn Withers over at Bleached Décor. Not only is their wood reclaimed and repurposed, it has oodles of character and a touch of class. Check out these Christmas box ideas for the kids.

These cute little boxes are a forever gift and can be used every Christmas. Clever right? Well it gets better; you can also buy a second lid [or more] for Easter, or as their birthday box?

Zero wrapping; zero waste and even better … ZERO PLASTIC.

Go follow these guys for more fantastic Christmas ideas and gifts.

Christmas and your little ones.

I have two small children who are at an age where they are actually excited about Christmas and get that presents = a good thing!  And if your like me, whose friends and family spoil your kids as their own, you’ll know the daunting amount of plastic that is often associated with kids toys. Well this is the year to CUT. IT. OUT.

It took a little conversation over wine with my nearest and dearest that if they wanted to buy my kids something [who truly need nothing] if they could avoid giving them plastic toys or toys that were encased in cryptic like plastic casing.

It was surprisingly well received.

Photo courtesy of Erin Walker

This year we are aiming for little to no plastic and a high positive memory value on gifts. Lotz Of Love is a family run business selling hand-crafted kids toys, among other things. Take a look at these play stations for kids, all made from wood and clearly made with a lot of love.

From big to small there is something here for every kid that will guarantee hours upon hours of enjoyment.

Find them on Facebook @Lotzofloveforkids

Although the festive season comes with the promise of a lot of waste and a helluva lot of plastic: doesn’t mean you have to allow it. It’s changes made, no matter how large or small, whose ripple effects reach farther than you could imagine. Make the change. Refuse the plastic bag this Christmas, buy your own Eco starter pack of stainless steel straws, reusable bags, produce bags and toothbrushes and be the trendsetter the planet needs.

From us over at The Refillery we wish you and yours a wonderful, plastic-free holiday season.  X