Outcast Foods creates easy-to-prepare plant-based meals.  We create instant whole-food pre-mixes, but we ourselves, don’t believe in shortcuts. Our pulses are activated to increase nutrient absorption and we use only whole foods. So no gluten, fillers, preservatives or additives. Just pure quality ingredients where natural flavours are brought to life.


Outcast Foods is based on four principles                      

 * Delicious * Healthy * Easy to prepare * Plant based


To prepare our products at home simply add water and heat. And then devour them freshly made. Our products are loved by vegans, the health conscious and the lazy who are looking to include more plant based meals into their diet.

The best falafel in South Africa. Made by you.

Our falafel is made using activated chickpeas, and pure herbs and spices. Although they are healthy, they are also moreish. Prepare them at home, just add water and fry – then devour.

Even some restaurants in Cape Town use our product. It’s that good.

There are two flavour variations.

  • Classic: Cumin, Coriander, Cilantro, Turmeric, this is a top class classic falafel
  • Crazy: Beetroot, cardamom, poppy and hint more chilli

Now available at The Refillery both in-store and online!