Valentine’s day has come and gone, but it’s still the month of love! In celebration, we decided to create a recipe using both our past 2 recipes (peanut butter and date caramel) and so the millionaire caramel peanut butter cup was born!

We also decided to dabble in making chocolate – which we adapted from multiple articles, research and recipe suggestions – and it turned out great!

Many other chocolate dabbelers suggest using cocoa butter instead of coconut oil as it’ll hold it’s shape well at room temperature. Coconut oil-based chocolates melt at room temperature and need to be kept in the fridge.

Because these are made with cacao butter, they’re able to be boxed up as a gift or simply left out for tea or packed in a lunchbox.

Peanut butter cups are very popular in America (Reeses, anyone?) and after living in the States for nearly 3 years, it’s something I get excited about whenever I see it. Essentially, it’s a little peanut butter and sugar mixed together and coated in chocolate. It might sound basic, but it’s mind-blowing­!

This recipe makes 8 extra-large / 16 regular-sized peanut butter cups.

If you decide to try this recipe out, please photograph your masterpiece and tag us on instagram @therefillerysa.

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1 recipe Chocolate peanut butter 

1 recipe Maca Date Caramel

½ cup Icing Snow

1 cup Organic Cocoa Butter

2/3 cup Unsweetened raw cacao powder

1 Tsp Vanilla Extract

Pinch Salt

Stevia / Maple Syrup / Agave to taste


  • Melt your cocoa butter over a double boiler. Once melted, remove from heat. Sift your cacao powder and salt into the bowl and whisk gently until mixed well.
  • Mix your peanut butter and icing snow together in a separate bowl to form a dough. Pop into the microwave to melt the peanut butter for about 15-20 seconds if it doesn’t come together. Should be quite firm, not runny.
  • Divide your peanut mixture dough into equal parts. Roll into balls and then flatten (or shape into hearts if you are using a mould). Dollop some date caramel on top of each peanut butter disk.
  • If you do not have a mould, line a cupcake tin with paper cup liners. Spoon 1-2 Tbsp of chocolate into each liner. Pop it into the fridge for 5 minutes.
  • After about 5 min, pop the peanut butter and caramel disks into each the moulds/liners and spoon equal amounts of chocolate over the filling until covered.
  • Pop back into the fridge to harden quicker, or let sit out overnight. YUM!!!

Recipe created for The Refillery by | @CrumbsInk