Ok, ok, ok.  I get it.  It’s daunting, do you care? (well you need to!), and you’re not that involved in the day to day shopping if you’re being honest anyway, so how much can you really do????

Well I tell you what, it’s not as hard as you think, and I’m here to offer a few easy ways to get started.

If I’m being honest, I thought a lot of the above a while back, but my eyes were opened and here I sit, inside the shop we own and run trying to make a small difference in our own little way.

So where do we start?

For me I need to break things down to get my head around them and make a plan.  That being the case; let’s go through a few facets of your day-to-day life where easy swap outs really can make a difference.

The bathroom:

Not an area where you pay much attention to what’s going on?  On the other hand, got a skin regime that puts your partner to shame???

Shampoo: Get a man shampoo bar.  We stock the amazing Lave bars, they go forever, smell great and look the business being all charcoal [My wife would even say On-Trend]

What about some tooth powder?  You know you don’t need that one off plastic toothpaste tube!  I’ve been on the tooth powder train a while now.  Recently I went away to the bush for a Stag Do and forgot my tooth powder jar.  I borrowed a mate’s toothpaste and it was horrible.  The chemical burn in my mouth was overwhelming.  And my teeth definitely didn’t feel cleaner!  It had nothing to do with the one or two Castle Lites consumed though, I promise….

Get some Baobab Oil on that mug of yours!  It’ll wind back the clock and give your skin a new lease on life. It naturally feeds your skin all the minerals and nutrients it needs, rather than smashing moisturizer on there that gets your skin craving more for no reason.

We’ll get to shaving another time.  We’ve got a stack of options here.

What about the gym?    We’re all about the gains!

Get your Whey or Pea (if that’s your jam) Protein in store.  Bring your old 3kg tub in and just top it up.  No need to keep adding to the waste.  We do a killer little super food mix that I drop into my shakes each time too to cover the extra nutrient bases.  No more need for a multi vitamin these days my friend.  “Tell em he’s dreaming.”  Time to get yourself some Maca, Baobab, Hemp and Cacao Powder.

Gotta stay hydrated boet! Don’t stress man, I’ve got you covered again with one of our boss Stainless Steel Water Bottles.  It’ll keep that H2O crisp and cool all workout! Maybe even, thrown in a sexy little glass one for the lady.  I’m telling you, it will pay off later!

Now I love me a coffee or five.  And I know its clichéd, but do yourself a favour and quit it with takeaway cups. No one likes being ‘that guy’, yet we all know someone who’s keen on that silly paper cup with the wax lining…… You know who I’m talking about. We’ve got these sweet little glass numbers, they don’t heat up, they take a damn good double shot and some and drinking is as smooth and easy as you could ever imagine.  No silly bubbles or weird unnatural suction.  Best of all, no chemicals leaching that you can get when hot liquids hit your ‘other’ reusable coffee cups!

Now if you’re like me, I HATE a messy car!  My kids on the other hand seem to see this as a great opportunity to wind their dad up. So do yourself a favour and grab a car bin, made old billboards by the way. At the same time you’ll be supporting local communities as these are made in townships by those who don’t have the opportunity to leave the home and go to work!  Do good and keep a clean car at the same time.  A damn fine idea I reckon.

So there it is gents, a little something for every one of you and there’s more to come.  I promise.

Oh, and given it’s ladies month (we’d never forget that), why not pop by the store or jump online, www.therefillery.co.za and pick up a couple of little bits for her at the same time.  Just ask the girls; we’ve got ideas for days to keep you out of the dog box….  Well, we can do our best anyway, the rest is up to you!