Hey Moms,

Hanging in there? Only a few days left before school goes back and I bet you’re up to your eyeballs in ‘Bluey’ or paw Patrol and you have maxed out every Pinterest craft under the sun [we even painted pinecones], not to mention we are B-A-K-E-D OUT!!!  from muffins to cookies to icing just about anything from a Provita to a sugar biscuit to the slices of apples.

I see you

But relief is coming in the form of your kids new favourite teacher, their ‘as-loud’ friends and enough stimulation that when they get home they actually just need a cuddle – What we do well , Am I right?

So between the school uniform rush [*cough cough – I only got mine today, just over 36 hours before school starts – winning] and getting yourself back into the ‘work-swing’ of things and now the lunchbox question is back.

Thats where we come in, hooking you up with healthy snacks from dried mango, power mix of raisins, goji’s and cranberries to help power them through the day, some easy “Munch & Crunch” idea’s that are simple yet effective [they crunch!!!] like banana chips, Japanese Crackers, corn chutney and even some fancy little vegan treats like grumpy Snacks Sea Salt Chickpeas, Cheaky Co’s Wasabi and chive chickpeas and loads more. Your Munch & crunch woes are over!

But sometimes you need some inspiration that’s easy enough to whip up, good for your kids [as best we can], all while making sure they.eat.it!!!

So we hope you enjoy this next instalment of the LunchBox chronicles.

LunchBox Chronicles - Buckwheat Pancakes

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Add some healthy pancakes to your lunch box repitoire to make your kids happy all while knowing they are getting all the goodness.
Serves: 2 Kids



  • Mix all the wet ingredients together except the apple cider vinegar.
  • Then sift all the dry ingredients into a medium sized bowl. Then slowly mix the two together.
  • Add the apple cider vinegar to the pancake batter and whisk mixture.
  • Then fry each flapjack in a non-stick frying pan and puffed and browned on each side.