Ok FULL-DISCLOSURE, this Lunch Box Chronicles – The Wellness Bowl is way more a ‘Lunch Box’ Idea for you…. Life is busy, its a rat race of morning routines, lunchboxes, getting teeth brushed, hair tied up, kids to school and then there’s YOU!

Yup, you. We always seem to be forgetting about ourselves when it comes to meal prepping or planning ahead. My kids have remade muffins and date balls but i’m scrounging my handbag for some nuts i’m hoping I left in there, or sometimes ill pick the kids up from school and eat what they haven’t 🙁

Im not sure why we don’t think its important to take care of us first because if you think of it, a happier version of yourself is a better place for everyone around you.

So that’s why this Lunch Box Chronicles – The Wellness Bowl, is perfect to make for you. Make it while ou make stuff for the kids, throw in some popcorn and dried fruit. Give yourself some snack options to keep you going throughout the day.

Fill your CUP!

Amidst this overwhelming chaos, it’s easy to get bogged down and essentially head to a negative space. So, self-care has become more important now more than ever.

I know, it might feel like you’re walking around on eggshells, terrified of another lockdown, another fuel price hike might strike and what that’d mean for your life. Even though life is pretty hectic, it’s time to take a step back and find time for you.

So prioritise yourself.

I love these tips I found from Year13.com

1. Switch off

You can ‘switch off’ a multitude of things;  Switch off your phone, take a social media break at the end of the day, or when its feasible. Switch off your brain, stop, breathe and clear out everything and just be in the moment and calm. It will also help you sleep better which is key to a well balanced life.

2. You are what you eat

Im a firm believer of a glass of wine and bar of chocolate to keep me sane, its 100% a form of self-care because it makes you happy! Right!

But looking after your body oil paramount, and the food you eat impacts a hell of a lot! If your brain is foggy, your energy levels are pretty low and you don’t feel too on top of the world, there is a strong chance you’re lacking in the nutrients department. Find the foods that FUEL you!

3. Let’s get physical, physical!

Getting active has always been something I hate, but in lockdown I found something that worked for me in the moment and its become a form of religious for e now. Its my daily sanity and I feel a thousand times better than before. I cover quickly, I have energy, im proud of my body and clothes fit better – All part of my happy state!

Love this quote from Elle Woods in Legally Blonde would say: “Exercise gives you endorphins. Endorphins make you happy.” It’s as simple as that.

4. Get some Vitamin D

During times like these, the outside world is pretty crazy. But fresh air and some good ol’ vitamin D is oh so important. Go for a walk around the neighbourhood, eat your lunch on a secluded beach, park, garden, read a book in your backyard – whatever you do, don’t coop yourself inside all day.

6. Be open

During these strange times, covid, war, looting and economic uncertainty, connecting with our friends and family is so important to keep you sane. So be open with them, let them know how you’re really going and of course, let them be open with you. Be there for each other.

Wellness Bowl

Lunch Box Chronicles - The Wellness Bowl

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This wellness bowl is perfect for you to take to work or for your older kids to stay healthy at schoool, stay focused and feel full all due to having the right nutrients in their diet.
Prep Time: 20 minutes
Vegan Product


For the Dressing


  • I like to keep everything separate so that I can have different flavours. So I put the baby spinach in one corner, brown rice in the other, broccoli, sliced cucumber, black eyed beans and avocado. Make sure you squeeze lots of lemon juice over the avocado so that it stays green.
    Lunch Box Chronicles
  • Mix all the sauce ingredients together with a spoon and drizzle over the fresh ingredients. Sprinkle over the sesame seeds and pack to take with you and enjoy later.