When thinking of what we thought would be helpful ‘recipe wise’ we came up with The Lunch Box Chronicles  because as a mum – it’s a lot. Plus they go to school … a lot! So that’s 5 lunches a week X how many weeks a year for how long????

So we wanted to bring you simple YET healthy lunch box ideas that you can pick and choose from.

I’m sure all schools are now the same [I hope so on this aspect] about no sweets, fizzy drinks etc in their lunches which I think is fantastic.

Kids do need brain food to learn and keep going. Its orange lunchBut I often feel as parents we try over complicate things, mom-guilt, peer pressure – you name it and now your kids have a Michelin Star lunch box 5 days a week and your burn-out is about to hit! Am I right?

Plus I have to admit a quick packet of chips was always an easy filler [Gasps from the crowd] but I found if it looked full then they were full! Science.

Lunch Box Chronicles

Now i’m all for Pinterest as they have some fabulous ideas for you but don’t go down the worm hole of those dinosaur cut out sandwiches and worm like health skewers, or filled strawberries for Christmas elves and YES…Im talking to the “Karens”

Price also becomes part of it and if Im honest I have 100% given my kids a piece of bread folded in half [It had filling … I’m not a monster] But the amount of waste I would see coming back home would make me cry. Literally.

So my 4 and 5 year old and I had an adult discussion about waste and how I would most likely need a mental asylum if their lunch boxes came home full. So we came to an agreement as Jackson [Forever the negotiator] explained how he has too much fun at school – point well made Sir.

So we decided that when we get home, they finish their lunches and any fruit left overs i reuse:

  • I stew it for baked apple pies, or a mixed fruit crumble which they think im a Dessert Goddess [Well I am right]
  • We smoothie it for a late Arvo health kick and I add in the likes of chia seeds, hemp hearts, coconut milk and ice
  • We cut up the half eaten fruit and freeze it for smoothies down the line. If it can’t be frozen like that then I blend it and freeze in ice cubes for ice lollies, smoothies, or treats.

I strongly believe teaching kids not to waste NOW is more important than force feeding your kids 4-7 vegetables a day 5-6 fruits, whole grains and proteins and some complex carbs. My kids [and I know im lucky] eat when hungry and Im happy to make more if they finish so I try stress less and rest easy knowing that the reason humans are still alive today doesn’t have anything to do with how good or bad my lunch boxes are.

So Amy from An Earthen Life is helping me create some healthy, simple and inspiring lunches that you can create on the go and keep your kids healthy and happy. She uses a Bento Stainless Steel lunch box that you can get off Faithful To Nature

Good quality lunch boxes are an investment for your kids and you. I have quality Sistema ones that I was gifted when we lived in New Zealand [As it’s a proudly Kiwi product] and it came with mini pots for yoghurt or fruit and its an absolute life saver as im very against single pot yoghurts – much to my kids horror but KAMAAAAAAN  think of all that wasted packaging [I plead with my 4 year old who can only see Sky from Paw Patrol mini tubs]

Have any lunch box hacks or prep? Please share your wisdom with us and we can create a nice folder of all the amazing #MOMHACKS because we’ve gots to stick together! – tag us on Insta or pop us an email and we can share for everyone to give it a try.

Lunch Box Chronicles

Green Goddess Sandwich

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Make simple yet healthy lunch boxes that will change the way you prep.
Serves: 2 Sandwiches
Prep Time: 10 minutes
Vegan Product



  • 150 g Chickpeas Soaked over night and cooked until soft
  • 1/4 Cup Olive Oil
  • 1/2 tsp Salt
  • 1 Clove Garlic Small
  • 1 tsp Cumin
  • 3 tbsp Lemon Juice
  • Brine/Juice from chickpeas DOnt throw it away after drainging.


  • 4 Slices Wholegrain bread
  • 8 Slices cucumber
  • 1 Avo
  • Baby Spinach / lettuce
  • Sprouts


For the hummus

  • Place all the ingredients except the chickpea brine into a blender and blend until smooth. Add the chickpea brine or water in as needed to make it a bit runnier and smooth.

For the sandwich

  • Line the bread with dry lettuce or baby spinach and then smear with a generous amount of hummus – I do this so that the bread doesn’t get soggy by lunch time. Then add in your sliced cucumber, avocado and spouts. YUM
  • Tip - Take along a good amount of healthy snacks like fresh and dried fruits. Sometimes dried gives more concentrated nutrients.

Loving the look and feel of this recipe? Stay tuned as we have more beautifully created recipes coming your way created for us especially by Amy over at An Earthen Life