We had the good fortune of meeting Lorna at our Cedar Square store when we first opened and were wowed by her recipes, photography and take on life so simply have to share her with you.

 Who is Lorna?

 I am professional lifestyle and food photographer + qualified nutrition and health advisor + content creator and recipe developer. I thrive on superfoods as well as a mostly plant-based lifestyle. I have a love for animals and for all things simple / natural ~ I’m also obsessed with essential oils!

When did you first get introduced to the idea of sustainability?

A few years ago I did a lot of research on how plastic destroys our precious earth as well as kills many land and sea animals, this is when I made the switch to living a more zero waste lifestyle and cutting out plastic wherever possible. Our future on this planet is in our own hands!!

What are three things everyone can do today to make a difference?

Use reusable shopping bags for grocery shopping, purchase reusable coffee cups, water bottles and straws, shop at stores that offer a zero waste service / refill jars etc

What’s a typical breakfast, lunch and dinner go-to for you?

I LOVE oats for breakfast! Lunch is usually smashed avo on toast / sandwich (I am surprised I don’t look like an avo haha) and dinner is my fave lentil Bolognese!



 What is your idea of the perfect package-free pantry?

A pantry full of reusable glass jars (big and small) with beautiful labels –  I am OCD like that! Haha

 Favourite ingredient from Refillery to cook with?

Eeek this is a tough one.. I’ll have to go with brown lentils, um.. but also quinoa and polenta so #everthinginotherwords ☺

Any last pieces of advice for a post COVID-19 life you want to share?

Use this time to create a chemical / toxic free home and mind.. having a healthy body AND mind is my key to happiness! Sending love from my heart, to yours!


Instagram – Life.with.lorna

Website – https://lifewithlorna.co.za