Meet our Team – Part 1.

If you have been to our Morningside branch you would without a doubt have met the quirky, stylish and downright fabulous Joyce – Or as we know her – Jo!! Our very own lawyer in the making – while making changes to the way people think and shop. Now you can get the inside scoop…

Who is Joyce Lopepe? 
Joyce Lopepe is the unconventional Gen Z, A multi-faceted individual that is a law student by night and works for a bomb grocery store by day. She seeks to cement her place in the world whilst achieving her wildest dreams
When did you first get introduced to the idea of sustainability? 
I don’t have a clear idea of when I was introduced to sustainability but the concept wasn’t too unfamiliar in our household. Whether it was re-using lunch boxes, Tupperware or ice cream tubs for last night’s dinner.
What are some changes you have made in your life since being introduced to the Refillery that you think everyone could do?
Some changes I have made have definitely been shopping according to your portion size [what you actually need] and not according to what I may want later. Buy and shop for the now, that way fewer things go off and you minimize waste.
Another set of changes since being introduced to the Refillery is paying more attention to the content of what’s in my food, this may be by reading the ingredients more carefully or knowing how much more am I paying for something.
Lastly, definitely, its grocery shopping made fun again. It’s fun walking in with your jars and containers, after sanitizing that is, to know you’re doing a small but still intricate part for the environment.
What do you think is key to living sustainably?
Definitely staying informed and not trying to force the process overnight. These for me, help me correct myself but also be patient with the fact that I won’t be able to Marie Kondo my life into sustainability.
 What are some of the hardest sustainable swaps you have found and which ones have you found easy?
The hardest has probably been my OG snacks and the easiest sustainable swaps were definitely the So Pure cleaning products. 

Favourite Ingredient from Refillery to cook with? 
Remember when I said I was a law student? I object to this question on the grounds that everything is my favourite ingredient to cook with. Sorry, not sorry!

Any last pieces of advice for someone wanting to live more sustainably?
Have fun with it and allow yourself to get lost in the process. Whether it’s trying one product at a time or cleaning out your entire pantry for The Refillery goodies. Get lost in the wonderland of this new journey.