We met Farrah in store and fell in love with her photography and keen interest in sustainability, plus it helps having wonderful people as customers. Makes working seem more like being with family.

Who is Farrah O

I am a colourful hair photographer who loves Food, animals and occasionally my crazy pilot husband ( hehehe ). I dream of a beautifully organized pantry with everything neatly labeled. Anything that is super colourful I am a sucker for! My husband knows when we go to any place that has plants I will be coming home with one (perhaps 2 if he is not around).  My lovely friend Angelique and I have a food page called Paisley & Parsley where we post yummy foods that we make or eat at a restaurant, so you can only imagine how much stink eye I get as I always want to take a photo of food before anybody can eat it Рsometimes by the time Im done its cold yummy looking food!

When did you first get introduced to the idea of sustainability?

I was introduced to the idea of sustainability quite a few years ago, but never really had the full opportunity to find the true meaning to me. By the time I found out about The Refillery, I was already putting my dry goods into containers in my pantry (love the look of a pantry with containers filled with goods), and using bamboo toothbrushes, as the plastic toothbrushes irritates me to no extent.

What are three things everyone can do today to make a difference?

Collect every glass bottle you can refill with something. I can’t¬†tell you how much of a hoarder I am with glass bottles (tomato sauce bottles, pasta sauce bottles, kombucha bottles… this list can go on forever!).

Bamboo toothbrushes & powder toothpastes – this was a total game changer for me!

Reusable bags – oh my gosh! This I cannot stress enough! 1st of all you are saving money because you are reusing them to their full potential, 2nd you are saving the planet from nasty plastic bags… yuk!

What has been the most challenging part of starting or living a more sustainable lifestyle?

Before I was introduced to The Refillery, finding dry goods that are not in plastic packaging was a hard part for me, I  was buying dry goods that were in plastic and putting them in my containers at home (double work much, and then I had the problem of the plastic bag it was in). Another was non plastic toothpaste and bars of shampoo and conditioners (finding decent ones was a mission, I needed something plain and moisturising). I must say since using The Refillery it has made my life so much easier and opened my eyes to other possibilities.

What are your favourite products from The Refillery?

Oh gosh! Do I have to choose just one? Probably the best one for me would be the conditioning bar from Earth Warrior SA. With having colourful bleached hair this bar is super conditioning and makes your hair feel amazing. This wonder bar is also perfect for moisturising your skin in the shower and the best for when shaving.

Do you see life taking shape after Covid-19 with regards to small businesses, shopping with less waste and lifestyles?

Think Covid-19 has changed the way many people live and shop. I think many people have already tried to cut down on costs and their general waste of food and any products for that matter. Think we have all learnt to not waste things in this time. There are for sure several people who want to support small businesses and that is a brilliant way to support our beautiful country and her people.



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