At the start of lockdown a friend of mine got in touch with us asking if we had any food waste or left over / unsold food that we could send to this safe haven that she had supported over the years and thathad taken a heavy knock in donations with the lockdown panic. Due to the nature of the products we sell, we have little to no food waste at all but wanted to help these kids during this time of complete uncertainty for everyone in the world.

We strongly believe that not every act of kindness needs to be a marketing opportunity and for that reason we chose not to over advertise the situation but know that with your help – if you are able, that we can make a difference to a generation that has the ability to change the world and to start at the beginning educating children that sustainability matters is fundamental to a brighter future.

So Dom and I committed to donating dry goods monthly for their basics of what we could afford through The Refillery. As lockdown continued we too were not immune to the economic financial hit and needed to find a way to make sure this donation was stable for them to budget accordingly and to ensure everyone was fed.

So we opened a new category on our online store where you could purchase a quantity of bulk products that we would then accumulate to a larger order for their supplies. It has been incredibly well received and we can’t thank you enough for your help. You are helping us feed this safe haven / orphanage and we are so proud to be able to continue this support for them.

Our amazing courier service ‘Community Couriers’ has also been so kind as to donate the delivery of all the food to the home which helps us and them greatly. To be working with people in business who truly see the need for COMMUNITY is amazing.

For those wanting to see where your donations have gone to – here is a bit more about the haven. and if you want to donate then shop here


Juno Aurora Haven is a children’s home catering to children whose parents or caretakers are unable to take care of them until such time that they are able to, then the child is placed back with the parent while the situation is monitored as well as a number of orphaned children who remain permanently in their care.

Most of the children are from single parent homes and HIV/TB affixed households, mostly domestic workers, street hawkers and unemployed people looking for work.  The conditions are not only unhealthy and most often unhygienic, but the children are also exposed to an unacceptable environment that no child should ever experience, such as armed robbery, street fighting, shooting, alcohol and drug addiction, etc. all of which affects the children negatively.

The city suburbs do not have the same community feeling as the large townships, e.g. SOWETO, and the children have nowhere to go during the day. If the parent(s) is away the children are often left alone or with a neighbour they often do not know, exposing them to abuse or negligence. Several thousands of children live under these conditions in these poorer city suburbs like Yeoville, Hillbrow, Fairview, etc. If not taken care of, the children will grow up with the same social inheritance and most likely end up in poverty, abuse, some sort of crime and/or death.


Juno Aurora Haven’s vision is to build a nation by supporting disempowered children and thus making South Africa a better place to live.  We want to provide our children with a safe home, loving care, proper food, healthcare and education. We want to make Juno Aurora Haven a financially sustainable children’s home and want to give the children a solid base so they can become responsible adults with a gentle soul.

They are a registered NPC and NPO. If you wish to donate more directly to the home please follow this link here