It wasn’t so long ago that a customer convinces me to try out our Dehulled hemp Seed Hearts… and since then they are my to ‘sprinkle’ from salads, to cereals, to smoothies and roasted veggies. I also sneak them into everything possible for my two kids so this has been a win. But I have never made something from it which is why I love this hemp seed butter recipe. Very versatile and I feel super proud myself for adding something s healthy into my kitchen – Go me!

These little seeds may be tiny but they are a nutrient powerhouse that packed with protein – I mean a teaspoon contains 3g of protein [Ding ding ding – a complete source of protein for vegans] – meaning that they provide all 9 essential amino acids that makeup protein, which can’t be produced naturally by our bodies.

Say no more…and start sprinkling

Hemp Seed Butter

Makes a 250g jar

Blend in a high-speed blender or food processor until smooth. Spread on toast and add to oats + smoothies/smoothie bowls.

** You also can just blend the hemp seeds by themselves to create a paste and add that how you like or add flavours like cinnamon as you wish

Recipe Created by Lorna from Life.With.Lorna