Frequently Asked Questions2019-01-14T09:59:17+02:00
What if I want to buy larger quantities?2019-01-14T09:57:29+02:00

No problem at all, we’re happy to help. Just send us through an email to info@therefillery.co.za and we can discuss wholesale  ‘Refillable’ options.

Don’t see your product?2019-01-14T09:57:15+02:00

Let us know if we don’t have something you’re after and we will try our best to source it for you.

Do you have a physical store?2019-06-05T11:17:46+02:00

Yes we do. We are situated in Cedar Square Shopping Centre, upstairs [same level as Virgin], just behind Kauai and opposite the Ski Ramp – Avalanche.

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Are all your products organic?2019-01-14T09:56:41+02:00

Not all but around 75% of them are and in the meantime, we are searching for organic replacements for all our products.

Do I have to bring my own container or jar?2019-01-14T09:56:27+02:00

Ideally yes, but we have recycled brown paper bags for you to use or you can buy our jars in store.

Is plastic allowed?2019-01-14T09:56:12+02:00

Our goal as a store is to do our best to minimise single-use plastics. However, if you’re reusing your plastics then we don’t mind at all.

Where are your products from?2019-01-14T09:55:58+02:00

We aim to source locally where possible and are proud of our local footprint in the store of over 95% of our products.

Franchise option?2019-01-14T09:43:22+02:00

Absolutely, we’re looking at our options all over South Africa right now so send us a message to info@therefillery.co.za to see if you can be apart of one of our beautiful stores.