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How does it work?2020-08-03T19:42:02+02:00

Its really quite simple.

You can either bring your own jar / container or vessel in store to refill. We weigh it first at the weigh stations and write underneath the weigh to tare at the end. You fill the container with as little or as much as you are after and then you weigh and pay at the end.

Want to start a plastic free pantry? We stock a wide range of glass containers in store, grab a jar and fill it up, weigh and pay at the end. We know the weights of all our own containers so no need to pre weigh these.

No need for jars? Grab a complementary recycled brown paper bag and fill it up with your desired quantity, weigh and pay. Head home and decant into your own container to keep fresh.


How do my online goods come delivered?2020-08-03T19:44:45+02:00

All our dry goods come standard in our recycled brown paper bags. Best practice is to decant these items into air tight containers at home.

If you want to order a jar with your dry goods for online delivery then simply add jars to the order and we will pop the products into the containers for you!

All our liquids come standard in a glass bottle or jar and this price therefore includes the cost of the jar and your refill in-store would be cheaper.

If I order online can I return my used jars?2020-08-03T19:45:49+02:00

Sadly we don’t offer a return policy at this stage [We do hope one day we can be big enough to offer a return service] But ideally you can come in store to refill when you have time.


Did you know you can order online and at check out select collect In-Store and which branch you would like to collect from. We will pack your order and call when it is ready for collection. This service is FREE.

  • Please note you are able to collect from Morningside, Cedar Square, Linden Branch & our Woodlands store
What if I want to buy larger quantities?2019-01-14T09:57:29+02:00

No problem at all, we’re happy to help. Just send us through an email to info@therefillery.co.za and we can discuss wholesale  ‘Refillable’ options.

Don’t see your product?2019-01-14T09:57:15+02:00

Let us know if we don’t have something you’re after and we will try our best to source it for you.

Do you have a physical stores?2021-10-07T19:02:46+02:00

We have FIVE physical store.

  • Cedar Square Shopping Centre. Corner of Cedar Road and Willow Ave. Our shop is on the upper level behind Kuaia
  • Morningside Shopping Centre. Corner of Outspan and Livonia Road. Upper Level behind Frozen For You
  • Woodlands Boulevard Shopping Centre. Corner of Garsfontein RD & De Villers Road. Pretorius Park. PTA
  • Hyde Park Corner. Corner of Jan Smuts Ave & William Nicole. Find us on the lower level by Pick n Pay
  • Linden | Denmyr Court. 65 7th street, Linden.

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Are all your products organic?2020-08-03T19:38:48+02:00

No, not all our products are certified organic. We prefer to source our products from Small, Family run businesses who generally cant afford the certification but quality and transparency is key. Products that say ‘Organic’ in their description we can produce certification for but the rest of the products are all chemical free, pesticide free with no nasties at all. By supporting SME and family businesses we can continue to grow the economy together instead of larger corporations who control the markets.

Do I have to bring my own container or jar?2019-01-14T09:56:27+02:00

Ideally yes, but we have recycled brown paper bags for you to use or you can buy our jars in store.

Is plastic allowed?2019-01-14T09:56:12+02:00

Our goal as a store is to do our best to minimise single-use plastics. However, if you’re reusing your plastics then we don’t mind at all.

Where are your products from?2020-08-03T19:35:37+02:00

We aim to source locally where possible and are proud of our local footprint in the store of over 75% of our products.


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