Did you know you can order online and at check out select collect In-Store and which branch you would like to collect from. [...]


How does it work?


Its really quite simple. You can either bring your own jar / container or vessel in store to refill. We weigh it first [...]

How does it work?2020-08-03T19:42:02+02:00

Franchise option?


We are currently only looking to franchise in and around Gauteng and then we plan on branching further out to Cape Town [...]

Franchise option?2021-04-26T13:01:51+02:00

Where are your products from?


We aim to source locally where possible and are proud of our local footprint in the store of over 75% of our [...]

Where are your products from?2020-08-03T19:35:37+02:00

Is plastic allowed?


Our goal as a store is to do our best to minimise single-use plastics. However, if you’re reusing your plastics then we [...]

Is plastic allowed?2019-01-14T09:56:12+02:00

Are all your products organic?


No, not all our products are certified organic. We prefer to source our products from Small, Family run businesses who generally cant [...]

Are all your products organic?2020-08-03T19:38:48+02:00

Do you have a physical stores?


We have FIVE physical store. Cedar Square Shopping Centre. Corner of Cedar Road and Willow Ave. Our shop is on the upper [...]

Do you have a physical stores?2021-10-07T19:02:46+02:00


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