We’re in the last stretch of 2019 and that means it’s almost holiday time – what a year it has been!

We’ve had so many people tell us about their planned travels for this festive season and it got us thinking about how much thought and planning goes into travelling, especially when you’re travelling with kids.

With so many of you taking small steps to living in a more environmentally-friendly way this year, we thought of putting together a few tips for travelling too as saving the environment is a full-time gig. Some of these might not apply to you based on what you’re doing or where you’re going, but take a read and get inspired on little ways to continue helping our environment.

  1. Bring your own bottle:

This is an easy one, and probably one you’ve already heard and hopefully picked up on this year. Pack your own water bottle and fill it up where you can. Many cities have fountains in their city centres and hotels often have filtered water supplies you can fill up from. Whatever the source, make sure the water is safe and stay hydrated while ditching the plastic bottles.

  1. Choose glass:

When opting for a drink, make a conscious effort to select a drink that is in glass or tin. We don’t need to explain this one to you. It takes a while to get the hang of, but try your best. Every little bit helps our planet!

  1. Bring your own snacks:

Packing your own snacks immediately emits the packaging that comes with many store-bought options along the way – especially when travelling locally! Packing fresh fruit, biltong, cut up veggies, nuts, homemade granola bars or delicious energy bliss balls is a great way to snack up on healthy foods, while keeping your costs and rubbish lower.

You can also pack snacks when travelling abroad. Once abroad, make a pit stop at a local grocery store and purchase some of the package-free snack foods you’d likely purchase at home. This way you can have healthy options on hand both for you and the planet.

  1. Pack your travel cup:

Firstly, it’s called a travel cup and secondly, it’s a super easy way to massive difference! Of course you can use it for coffee on the go, but you can also get creative with it. I used my Refillery cup almost daily in Portugal and Italy. Most days it was used to house a scoop or two of gelato, and other days it was used to house an Aperol Spritz or Sangria to sip on for my walks along the beach.

  1. Pack only what you need:

When a plane weighs more, it produces more carbon emissions. If you pack lightly, you’ll be helping the environment!

  1. Bag the bag:

Don’t forget to pack your reusable bag for all your shopping on holiday too! Whether you’re exploring at a market, popping into a mall or back-packing in Pompei, keep your forever-bag folded away and handy in case you need it! Keeping a reusable bag on hand avoids you needing to accept a plastic bag for purchased items along the way and it’s so versatile.

I kept this very tote tucked away in my back-pack and after walking on the beach, I‘d throw my sandals, sunscreen and other sandy items into it as the sand would fall out. We also used it on a market run for fresh veggies.

7. Get on track:

  1. If you’re in a location with reliable public transport, make the most of it! It’s a memorable part of adventure, allowing you to absorb culture and chat to locals. The best part is that without having your own private means of transport, you’re not adding any extra carbon emissions into our environment!

    8. Be ex-straw: 

  2. Decline that straw that comes with your drink or your kiddies drinks, and bring your own steel straws. Yes, it’s a little bit ‘ex-straw’, but if you can’t go without a straw, then make sure you carry your own reusable one that’s helping the planet. We carried ours and used them everywhere, from restaurants, our apartment and to the beach.

9. Drink a local brew!

We were told about this one and had never really thought about it before, but it’s another small thing to do while fully emerging in another culture. If you like beer, and it’s the drink you fancy while you’re out, opt for a locally brewed beer. It will add to the memory of the place, possibly be more affordable and have less preservatives and will more likely than not have taken less transport to get there, meaning less carbon emissions into the environment. Who would’ve thunk?

There are so many small things you can do whether at home or away that can contribute to the health of our planet, and every small action is a part of the process!

Stay safe this festive season, whether you’re travelling or not, and try to make the healthiest choices you can.