Do you like to make your own cleaners? Well then you will love this super simple, versatile cleaner thanks to @conscious.discoverer

It’s super simple and you can add, adjust to the scent you like and love. Or make a few and have options – after variety is the spice of life.

The How:

We used a 750ml Jar but you could always make it in larger bulk

Use any left over citrus peels [Orange and grapefruit peels have a great aroma.

Couple of cinnamon sticks * Nice idea to also add a few sprigs of rosemary.

fill the jar with white vinegar

Leave it in a dark cupboard for a up to two weeks. Strain peels and its ready to use.

Pop into a spray bottle for added ease of use and VOILA!

Multi purpose cleaner made proudly by yourself.

** Vinegar is great for most surfaces however not to be used on mineral surfaces such as granite or marble.