Are you an oats fan? Then look no further as Jozi Girl Eats has you covered with this delicious no-fuss brekkie that will quickly become a firm favourite.

Serves 2 –

400ml Coconut milk

1 Cup Rolled Oats

2 Small grated apples

1 Handful of chopped walnuts

A dash or two of cinnamon [More to taste so just adjust to your liking]


Combine oats and coconut milk in jar and put in the fridge over night or for 8 hours. Rise and shine, stretch it out and take 3 deep breaths. Head over to the fridge, grab your oats and top with grated apple, walnuts and cinnamon.

It is really that simple.

Thanks to Lorna from Jozi Girl Eats for allowing us to showcase this Delish recipe. Go check out her website or Insta page for more delicious recipes.