Personally Christmas for my family is MASSIVE.

Traditionally we are always in Plettenberg Bay – favourite spot in the whole world, and we kit the whole house out from top to bottom.

We have always been a D.I.Y type of family, all credit owing to my amazing mom who was “Pinterest’ before Pinterest came about. For example we have always made our own Christmas crackers and its our own very special tradition that I love, not to mention our own decor, table settings and unique [very non-Christmassy] menu – probably because i’m super fussy.

All our decor over the years lives on, we throw next to nothing away and even recycle cards – sometimes just scratch the name out and replace it with the new givers name  [We actually have always found this terribly amusing]

So what you will need to make your own Pinecone Wreath.

  • 1 X 40CM diameter wire wreath or make your own from grape vine stems.
  • Pine cones – plenty and lots of different sizes.
  • Spray paint – gold or silver, I used Rust-Oleum Chalked “Linen White” colour
  • Hot glue gun and several sticks of glue.

The “How”:

  • Cut pine cones as per below image and try to make them as flat as possible (if too high it becomes too difficult to glue onto the wire or vine wreath.) Each cone should usually make one nice flat flower and the top bit fits in nicely to the smaller places to hide the framework.
  • Spray paint back and fronts.
  • With the hot glue gun – glue them down onto the wreath (try to be random – not always easy I know but it yields the best result) but start with a larger one in the middle of the frame and then use slightly smaller ones around that to cover the frame. It usually works out that you will have about three rows of cones going around the framework.

And there you have your ‘Forever’ wreath. Add baubles, or a ribbon or just as is as its a gorgeous home made piece you can be proud of!