Happy holidays, Refillers!


It’s our first festive season here at The Refillery! We’re so excited about it and so we put together a gift guide full of spoils for your loved ones!

From budget to splurge-worthy, these gifts are all plastic free, eco-friendly and many are created by incredible companies making a difference that we love supporting!


So whether you need a gift for your mother in law, a colleague, your partner or child, take a look at our list below for some inspiration!






Mies Body Products | @mies_body_etc

Mies is a wonderful woman-owned natural cosmetics company. All body products from Mies are handmade from natural, edible ingredients. The founder, Marlese, believes in natural products that are made from real ingredients, feel good, smell good and do good.

MIES has only two staff members who make all their products by hand, in small batches, ensuring perfection! By buying a luxurious MIES product you help these ladies to support their families, as well as help to support a local South African product and brand!

Here are a few of our favourites from Mies:



Timola |

Timola is a proudly South African Health and Beauty brand. Their mission is to source and bring you the natural vitality of Africa’s cosmetics and superfoods for skin, hair and body and they take pride in the quality and purity of their products. We love them because they’re local and they too source locally and organically, selecting their ingredients directly from producers and small scale farmers! When you support Timola, you support local.



Bonafide Beards | @bonafide_beards

Bonafide Beards is another brand that we love to support. Not only is it an absolutely gorgeous brand, but it was created by an incredible wife looking for a long-term solution for her husband’s beard maintenance – and we love that type of dedication! These products are made with the finest natural ingredients like¬†shea butter, natural oils, beeswax, tea tree and even sandalwood!

If you want to help the bearded man in your life nourish his beard while treating his skin underneath and supporting a locally South African brand, then take a look at these favourites:



Spaza Store | @spazastore

We LOVE Spaza Store! Not only are their products plastic-free, but they are also locally made and produced by African woman working in communities from their own homes; challenging the social conditions and gangsterism that these women face daily. How could we love them anymore? We even have an entire blog post dedicated to them!

Our absolute favourites are their reusable cloth bowl covers (that come in a variety of sizes!), dry goods produce bags (are great for package-free grains and legumes) and their face cloth & body exfoliator (which our customers love buying together).



Sokó |

Soko is another South African brand that we love and somehow the creative minds behind this brand have managed to create this lovely felt (that comes in various colours!) from 100% PET recycled plastic bottles that can carry up to 60kg each! These bags make great gifts for the environmentalists in your life who seem to already have it all!



Our favourite Stocking Stuffers | @livingeco_ | @ehkspecialitykitchenware | @therefillerysa

If you’re looking for something thoughtful, sweet or useful these are our top sellers and they come highly recommended! They all range in different price-points and are unique stocking-stuffers or lovely to attach to a DIY Christmas card. The mesh/string tote from Living Eco, the honey dripper from EHK and our very own Refillery eco coffee cup are all great steps forward to a plastic-free life-style; at home or on the go!



For the Kiddies! | @ingenuiteattheyard & @therefillerysa | @consolglass | @rare_bear_za

If you’re stuck on some eco-friendly ideas that are great for the kids in your life, check out these gift ideas that will teach your kids that every small bit makes a difference! All of these brands are local, lekker and making a different in our environment or in our communities!


Recycled Pencil Cases:

These lovely pencil cases from Ing√©nuit√© are also made from 100% recycled PET plastic bottles which make them extremely durable and long-lasting for the next school year. Each case is lined and the closure is secured with a quality zipper. Pop in a few of our Refillery sprout pencils, (which can be planted in soil for herbs to grown from) and you’ve got yourself a nifty gift!


Piggy Banks:

Consol is a brand that is known and loved by many, and their new glass piggy banks are absolutely adorable! Their slogan for these is “Save your money, save your planet“. We love this initiative, especially as it’s a great tool to teach children the value of money, how to save it and how to save our planet. This is a huge win in our books!


Rare Bear Crochet Animals:

The Rare Bear Project is a community upliftment program under Rare Diseases South Africa NPC which aims to assist rare-disease patients to receive life-saving treatment and supportive care for improved quality life. Their mission is to support their community, provide support to families and create jobs and income-generating opportunities for women. When you purchase an animal, you; support local, help create awareness to a rare disease and therefore, make a difference to a local community!





We’ve selected these items as we feel they have heart, give back to our communities and are kind to our earth. Oprah once said that “a gift isn’t a gift unless it has meaning’ and we agree with her wholeheartedly. So, whether you purchase a gift, make a hand-made card or give someone a hug; let it have so much meaning!

Let us know your thoughts below or tag us on instagram if you purchase one of these items!


May your festive season be filled with so much love, laughter and joy!


Love from,

The Refillery Team