Corona coro ooo  oo ona

Times are tough team and everyone is battling through in their own way. Be it family, financial, work stress, health complications, everyone has loads on their plate, and now in the time of ‘The Rona’ we need to do whatever we can to keep ourselves fit and healthy.

Anything that can ease any of the above right now has to be a good thing; right?

Keeping that in mind, and stay with me here, I want to have a quick chat about your Guts, your mind and your health.  Trust me, I’m not getting all woo woo now.

Your gut plays a key role in absorbing key nutrients and minerals.  The greater the diversity of bacteria, microorganisms, fungi, and viruses present in your gut micrbiome the better it is for your health.  Basically it boils down to the fact that if you have an imbalance of the above in your gut, you can be at greater risk of conditions like obesity, inflammatory bowel disease, diabetes, liver disease, and even neurodegenerative diseases like multiple sclerosis, celiac disease and colon cancer.   Anxiety and depression, which can be caused by low levels of Serotonin, can even be affected due to the fact that Serotonin is also produced in the gut!  Who knew?


It seems like a lengthy and daunting list, but the good news is still coming, promise.

To the good stuff then!

There are lots of ways to help maintain a healthy balance in your gut and we are going to touch on just a few of them. The first and most important part is to find the ones that work for you, and taste the best to YOU!.

Fermented foods help create a good microbiome. Think Kimchi, Sauerkraut, kefir, Kombucha.  Even mint, chamomile and ginger teas can work a treat.  There are a few things to keep a limit on as well, like caffeine, carbonated drinks and given it’s lockdown – alcohol (I know, I know)!


Eating lots of fibre also works really well. Fruits, good old-fashioned veg, whole grains, legumes nuts and seeds.


So next time you are coming by the store, or shopping online, take a second to think of your gut.  We have a range of Kimchi’s available, all the seeds, nuts, grains and legumes you could want.  Maybe also bring a bottle along and take a swig or two of either our Ginger or Strawberry & Hibiscus Kombucha.  Your gut, body and mind will thank you for it.


Please Note: * We are not dieticians, nor medical professionals. All opinions are our own – The beauty of life and freedom of speech 🙂