Hello, exciting 2019!


We hope that your festive season was full of fabulous family get-togethers, an abundance of gorgeous food (and WINE of course…) and that you are now getting ready to hit 2019 with all that you’ve got!  Well… that’s us anyway!  We’re getting ready for an amazing year ahead here at The Refillery as we have so much to look forward to… Firstly, our online store will be open very, very soon and we cannot wait!

Secondly, we’re finalising our first ever physical store!  We’re just dotting our “I’s” and crossing our “T’s” and will soon be able to share our new location with you all.  This new home of The Refillery will be the first of many and we’re so excited about this new start!

But for now, we’re here to help you kick-start your year to a planet-friendly 2019.  That’s right… A NEW YEAR, a NEW YOU and a NEW CHANCE to make 2019 your most Planet-friendly year YET!

Daunting? Not at all! We’re here to guide you through the in’s and outs of all things plastic-free, refillable and as zero-waste as possible.


So, first things first… THE 3 B’s!  BAGS, BOTTLES & BAMBOO



Stop opting for store-supplied, single-use plastic bags.  Start bringing along (and using) some REUSABLE BAGS because single-use plastic bags are, to be quite frank, uncool and we simply can’t have that.  They’re also bad for the environment and for your pocket.

Check out our online store for our very own Refillery cotton tote bags. They’re stylish (you know it counts!), durable and so easy to care for that you WILL want to take them everywhere.

[Repeat that mantra: “I will take my Refillery bags everywhere, I will take my Refillery bags everywhere…!”]





Next are our super duper handy glass water Bottles that we just LOVE.  We feel that it’s the perfect size and oh so stylish that it’ll look fabulous when sitting proudly on your work desk!





And the last fabulously eco “B” is our Bamboo toothbrush that brings your dedication to the Planet right into the bedroom. No one will see you brush your teeth with this bamboo toothbrush [the toothbrush that you can chuck into your organic waste as it’ll rot away naturally] but I tell you the street cred will simply ooze from your radiant smile so … just do it!




All of these perfectly planet-friendly products are the start you need for 2019 and all from your soon-to-be “favourite plastic-free grocery store”.  (wink, wink…) So sign up to our newsletter so you can jump online as soon as we give you the green flag to shop up a Planet-Friendly storm.

See, we’re making ‘being ECO” be EASY just for you… and the planet obviously!


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Bye for now,

Team Refillery